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A hail of leaves
into the windshield

Unrelenting yellow.

Soundless yet I can hear the sound
of life
Growing louder
with each second… 78 more words


Taking back the streets of Beirut

Photograph: Yazan Halwani’s ‘Fairuz’ in Gemmayze

“There is an alternative voice rising,” says Yazan Halwani, the young Lebanese street artist. “I’m not going to say that what I do is going to free Lebanon or change the sectarian political system, or fix any regional problem, it’s far from that. 1,786 more words


Meet the Artist: Laureen Vonnegut

Laureen Vonnegut lives in a cookie factory. She also writes like a motherfucker.*

I had been orbiting the planet Laureen ever since I was introduced to her at a bar in Merida. 1,562 more words


Missing the Marc

In 2015, “Cultural Appropriation” has replaced 2013’s “micro-aggression” as journalistic code for bias and ignorance. Notice I didn’t say racism, because in many cases I don’t think that cultural appropriation is deliberately borne out of racism, but it is certainly symptomatic of it. 749 more words


Drawing Means Looking

It takes mere seconds to snap a picture with a camera or phone. To draw a portrait requires to look. To look at all the details. 84 more words


The BeltLine: A Life Saver?

Hyperbole about the Atlanta BeltLine is a balloon that keeps rising. The public-private partnership funding the construction of miles of trails and parks while fueling a real-estate boom (at least along the Eastside Trail) has become a cultural juggernaut. 1,071 more words


Burning Woman

A lone woman stands at the edge, looking down into the abyss that is her life. The night is confidential, with only the stars to bear witness.

1,162 more words