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Lakan Inks: Our Myth Finds Sun

Myths have long entertained our world. Whether born from curiosity or need, these stories appear as rainbows on sullen skies; a seed in the hearts of places and people wherein culture blooms.

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Warhol's Remix Phenomenon

The concept of remix is one that is frequently discussed in mainstream media; typically and almost exclusively in regards to the music industry. Remixes, however, occur across all fields, encompassing a variety of genres and mediums, and remixes can now be found in every aspect of popular culture. 547 more words


American Muslims: Fatema Osman

American Muslims is a series curated and created by Carlos Khalil Guzman.

Fatema Osman is a 4th grade teacher at Razi School in New York City. 532 more words

Hot On The Block

Color Studies 

by Cody Schlabaugh

Lifeless stills and lively color paradoxically combine to emanate an eerily immersed envelope of quietude. This body of work examines the formal qualities of color and its transformation of familiar objects by stripping them of their recognizable characteristics with the purpose of creating scenes that display a fleeting presence of human existence. 230 more words


Pinagmulan FunFusion

By Juhli Jansen

The Art Circle Cafe Makati, through the support of 8Tri Media Pro, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and BrownPot Art Hut, brings the cultural and art show… 195 more words


Poem of the Week #1

I’ve decided to start a Poem of the Week series. In part to motivate me to write at least one poem a week and in another way, to inspire you with my words in hopes that you may do the same. 58 more words