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Monochrome and Courage

In these two drawings, I’ve tried to broaden my capacity in drawing by attempting to sketch a realistic portrait and shade using a compressed charcoal. 419 more words


Meet the Artist: Ernesto Novelo

Every city has its “East Side”, and every east side has its share of artists, musicians and outliers. The east side of a city is where things often get interesting—it’s where you find a richer cultural mosaic versus the homogenous crème de la crème, the grit vs the glam.

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Fernando Mercado

Title:  President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Masterbrand Consulting

Location: Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico, January 29, 2015, With 50 years of professional experience under his belt, Fernando Mercado has become one of the most important specialists in the creation, management and strategy development for brand and identity programs in Mexico. 185 more words


Artist a Day Challenge No.5: Retna

One day, I will crack the code to Retna’s personalized alphabet that is a skillful fusion of Old English, Hebrew, Asian and Arabic calligraphy.  In the meantime, I enjoy his work in abstraction.   23 more words


Jimi Hendrix : Star-Spangled Banner/Purple Haze

It would be worthwhile for the British to finally ditch their absurd, anachronistic and parasitical monarchy, if only to acquire a decent new National Anthem to replace the present dreadful dirge ‘God Save the Queen’ with its abject, servile lyrics. 26 more words


Today's Google Doodle: February 1, 2015

Today is Langston Hughes’ 113 birthday, and Google has posted a beautiful doodle in tribute to the writer.  I am smitten with the animation by doodler Katy Wu and how the illustration captures the vibrancy of the jazz age and the beautiful message in his poetry.   39 more words


Meet the Artist: Rodolfo Baeza

The narrow staircase leads me up to a cathedral of light that is home to artist Rodolfo Baeza. The smell of oil paint is as rich and dense as the giant canvasses hanging from the walls, and it is here we talk about life.

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