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Assessment is Boring

I spent some time, recently, pulling together some grading and assessment resources for art teachers, and I thought I’d share a couple of insights with you. 406 more words

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Back-to-School Night

I had a SUPER proud moment today, but you are gonna have to wait just a second before we get to that. 389 more words

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The Role of Art Students

If you’ve never watched this TED talk by Cindy Foley, you should. She makes many good points, including ones that I have tried to promote in my writing and presentations to art educators. 297 more words

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Art Builds Community

It is no secret that art builds a sense of community. Odds are, a city near you has turned to the arts as an important part of a revitalization project for a neighborhood, or the city as a whole. 235 more words

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Just who do you think you are?

One of my favorite professors, Olivia Gude, once said something along the lines of, “If your students are missing something in their art, look at your own work. 372 more words

Learning the Parts and the Whole

I’m going to be guilty, here, of two sins of writing – misquoting and missing attribution. A while back, I saw a teacher quote on social media that went something like this… 369 more words

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Suburbanites, iPads, and the Harlem Renaissance

I often find that technology is thrown at teachers without any explanation as to what we should be doing with it. Districts love to tout their student-to-computer ratios and their access to technology. 727 more words