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Art Teacher Collaboration

Recent data reinforces that many of our art teachers highly value the time they have to meet with their art collaborative teams, but I fear these CTs are behind the curve relative to other teams across our division. 166 more words

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“Don’t smile until Christmas!” -Some buffoon

Cover art by Rachel Clemente

“Don’t smile until Christmas!”

-Some buffoon

I have this silly thing that I like to do.  When I get bored or tired, I like to stand in the hall during passing periods and behave in a ridiculous manner.   614 more words

Daily Marks

Q: How can I continue my practice of giving a daily grade, while aligning with grading policies that say grades are not supposed to be about participation? 317 more words

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What we mean by Talent

I have argued before that our culture needs to shift its thinking about the nature of “talent.” In a post at theodysseyonline.com the author tells how he was viewed as talented in basketball: 201 more words

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Art Room Safety #2

No one knows better than an art teacher that art can be made from just about anything, but we have to make sure the materials we are using are safe.  168 more words

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Ready to Quit Teaching? Try Job Crafting First — AFFECTIVE LIVING

This is a worthwhile read, and a worthwhile topic to consider. I’d like to add an idea to Method 1: Task Crafting that I think art teachers in particular, as well as some others, would be able to take advantage of. 133 more words

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Artistic Purpose

To ask students to create an artwork without an artistic purpose (as opposed to a student purpose) is akin to teaching only for the purpose of helping students to pass a standardized test. 193 more words

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