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Why We Assess

I received a note from a teacher that really made me wonder if we, art educators, know why we assess. Let me give a little background so you can understand what was said. 324 more words

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Stop Reducing Art to Memedom

From the canon of art history, there are a few artworks so over-shared, over-used, and over-imitated that they have been reduced to nothing more significant than a photo of a grumpy cat. 416 more words

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Teacher Appreciated

Last week was teacher appreciation week. Here in Texas, it is also standardized testing week, which I think is incredibly ironic. I received this email from a student who transferred to another district halfway through the year. 298 more words

"Yes, And" Arts

At a recent meeting, I was reminded of the power of “YES, AND” (in place of “yes, but…”). This simple combination of words came to mind as I read an… 402 more words

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Our V.A.S.E. Is Broken — Art Insubordinate

Fellow art education blogger, Justin Clumpner, has been fighting the good fight… attempting to bring change to cultural juggernaut within Texas art education: the Visual Art Scholastic Event. 222 more words

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Our V.A.S.E. Is Broken

I have sent another letter to the organizers of V.A.S.E. as I have seen no changes from last year’s event to now.  If you haven’t read the letter I sent last year, you can find it… 1,206 more words

Art Finds On My Pinterest - bydeliarivera

Teachers and Parents!!! Need ideas for the upcoming holiday? Mother’s Day gift? Examples of different techniques and styles? Themed-based art projects? Art from different countries and cultures? 60 more words