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Where are they now?

This past week, I spent some time at one of our high schools for the new teacher induction program. I was excited to see a little project the art teachers had been working on there. 231 more words

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I think this is yours.

That’s all the email said. “I think this is yours.” And this image was attached.

Uh, yes, it is mine! I remember shaping every wire… 25 years ago! 575 more words

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Prepare, my fellow human cannonballs!

The summer is quickly coming to an end. This year, like every other, the school year sneaks up on me like a phantom. I have had a pretty good summer, so I wont complain. 540 more words

Learning About Experimentation

I’m going to give into my nature, here, and ask questions. (I’m usually better at this than answering them.) My question is this — What do we want art students to learn about experimentation? 271 more words

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Assignments That Change Lives

Do your art assignments change lives? They can.

I was a little slow to share this NPR article about writing assignments, but I’d like to invite you, my art-education friends to read it replacing the idea of writing with artmaking. 96 more words

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Art Fictionism

An article in today’s Washington Post – An Art Brand, Born in DC – illustrates an interesting conflict in our beliefs about artists. 299 more words

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Conceptual art and the selfie taker

For quite a while, I was afraid to present complex, conceptual art to the Art 1 classroom. Conceptual art demands a lot of its audience. Anyone can walk up to a painting from the renaissance and understand the highly skilled narrative illustration while appreciating the skill and beauty. 243 more words