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Blind Contour, Whiteline, Self-Portraits

I don’t often share student work on my blog, but I’ve been so impressed with the results of this project I felt that it was worth it was worth sharing with a larger audience. 168 more words


Art is Joy

I am extremely  lucky to work in a school system where we don’t need to worry much about whether or not student’s get art instruction or have art supplies. 101 more words

Art Education

Artsifying Project Work

Learner-driven project work holds tremendous potential which I believe more educators should tap into. The keyword is “learner-driven” in contrast with an overly teacher-controlled and dictated project work. 219 more words


Introduction to Art: Our First Class - 25th February 2017

For our classes, we had decided that since these students have never had any proper art classes or training, we would start off with an introduction on Art. 341 more words


Mashal Model School Bari Imam

I had known about the Mashal Model School for a while, having seen their work online. People have admired what they are trying to do in an area like Bari Imam where stories of Children being abused, molested, working to earn a living, are all too common. 148 more words