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Resourceful Art Teachers

Art teachers are nothing if not resourceful. This is an inexpensive and simple approach to making a class set of bench hooks – a safety must for linoleum carving tools. 31 more words

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Student-Centered Art Instruction

Jacqueline S. McElhany has a nice article in the January 2017 edition of Art Education. In Awakening Student Ownership: Transitioning to a Student-Centered Environment… 267 more words

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Embrace the Shake

So you decide to make an artwork. What materials will you use? How big will it be? What is your chosen subject? What style will you employ? 161 more words

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I was recently updating my links and clicking through other teacher’s blogs.When I was on Mrs. Gonzalez’s blog, I rediscovered her series of posts titled “ 83 more words

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What does your art room say?

I am lucky to be able to visit many art classrooms. As I travel around to our different schools, few things are more obvious than the  way the art rooms are set up and the message they send to our students. 231 more words

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NASA says ART!

NASA director Charles Bolden was at a local high school today giving a talk to the astronomy classes. One of the art teachers, Kenny, jumped on the opportunity to take his advanced photography and computer graphics students to listen. 48 more words

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Realistic vs. Authentic

My school division is all abuzz about Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Performance-Based Assessment (PBA). In comparison with the No-Child-Left-Behind-years obsession with standardized testing, it is refreshing to see more emphasis on these approaches, but I believe we have a scalability problem.  257 more words

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