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Inviting Death into the Classroom

This is one of my favorite lessons, so I thought I would share it with you. Feel free to take it in whole or in part. 1,272 more words

My Fluxus Conundrum

Like most art teachers, my day is divided into two types of classes. I have the advanced classes with students who really enjoy art and keep coming back to learn, grow, and refine their art making. 1,506 more words

Resolving the Anime “Problem”

I’m going to call some people out here, but I feel something needs to be said. I often hear from educators that they need to “stop their kids from drawing anime characters,” or to “fix the manga problem.” I have to question that decision. 531 more words

That time a 17-year-old showed me I was an ineffective teacher

It’s an old but true statement: we learn more from our students than they learn from us. But what this one student taught me changed my entire approach to teaching. 983 more words

Conversation with artist Deborah Ridgley

I interviewed Cincinnati artist Deborah Ridgley. I know Deborah from The Barn, which is the Cincinnati Woman’s Art Club. I have modeled for her several times in her class, as well as her personal studio. 398 more words


Whose Classroom is This?

I don’t know about your experience, but I find that as an educator, everyone I meet wants to tell me about his or her high school experience. 599 more words

The Art Teacher is Dead, Long Live the Art Teacher

I have made myself unnecessary. I show up in the morning and my main job is to unlock the door. My students flutter in and begin to quickly move about the room at a frenzied pace. 467 more words