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Rug Time

There are so many quick and fun activities to do at the rug, and an effective teacher uses each one to teach, review, reflect, or assess. 157 more words

Art Education


Here, in a nutshell, is our school division’s research-based vision of the work of teachers related to instruction and assessment (and collaboration):
Teachers evaluate the readiness of their students and work with their collaborative learning team (CLT) to analyze the data and plan instruction to meet student needs. 92 more words

Art Education

Eraser Organizer Tray

This eraser organizer tray is brought to you by Hebrew National pigs in a blanket, the number 16, and the letter’K.’ (For Kannan)

Art Education


Bonsai is an art form I have referenced at least once before on WhatItMeansForArt. It is not an art form practiced in K-12 classrooms, but it provides an interesting perspective for that very reason. 899 more words

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Or in this case, Chalk4Peace.

This is my longtime colleague, Marielle, who has been doing Chalk4Peace with her students for year. She is an art teacher, but you don’t have to be an art teacher to organize a Chalk4Peace event… and you don’t have to be an artist to participate. 78 more words

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Art Teacher Collaboration

Recent data reinforces that many of our art teachers highly value the time they have to meet with their art collaborative teams, but I fear these CTs are behind the curve relative to other teams across our division. 166 more words

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“Don’t smile until Christmas!” -Some buffoon

Cover art by Rachel Clemente

“Don’t smile until Christmas!”

-Some buffoon

I have this silly thing that I like to do.  When I get bored or tired, I like to stand in the hall during passing periods and behave in a ridiculous manner.   614 more words