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Renungan Menemukan Jati Diri: Kama-Moksha, Artha –Dharma, bukan Kama- Artha

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“Banyak cara, banyak jalan untuk menemukan Pusat di dalam Diri, untuk menemukan Jati Diri – namun, ada 4 Upaya Utama. 610 more words

Anand Krishna

The 4 Pursharthas - ४ पुरुषार्थ

In Vedic philosophy moksha (spiritual liberation), dharma (righteousness), kama (pleasure) and artha (wealth) are considered to be the 4 Purushartha (aims) of human existence. 2,160 more words


Artha is Today's Religious Topic of the Day (01/18/15)

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Borrowing purpose.

It is always somewhat sweet to see a couple who has dedicated themselves to each other’s happiness and well-being.

Easier in the previous generations, when everyone knew who had to cook and who had to provide. 396 more words

Ancient Indians