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A Peek into Heavens – Role of Jyotisa and Balance

Why Astrology?

Aspects of any subjective knowledge can make a person enlightened or drive them crazy at times. This sentence could be a disclaimer for my whole series on astrology. 1,275 more words


The Four Goals are Unnecessary

The first goal, kāma, is not just “pleasure,” but it is happiness itself. It is  the underlying motivation for everything we do, and the ultimate objective of all the other goals. 328 more words

Introduction to the Integrated Life, the 4 aims of Life, and speaking your Truth

The 4 aims of life are “Kama” meaning desire, just like in the Kama Sutra. Artha, meaning the acquisition of Wealth. Dharma the embracing of righteousness and good conduct. 19 more words


artha - anartha

artha as meaning, as purpose, as wealth.

anartha as not the above.

viSNu is both artha and anartha as per viSNu sahasranAma.

s’ankarAcArya said arthamanartham bhAvaya nityam. 86 more words

Ancient Indians

'moonbeam' accelerations

scorching noons

she punishes herself more

in the suffocating heat

of the ‘hot-air oven’ tent
the uninhabitable alloy shed

a makeshift
or moreso
an architectural permanence… 68 more words


Renungan Menemukan Jati Diri: Kama-Moksha, Artha –Dharma, bukan Kama- Artha

Cover Buku Think on These Things

“Banyak cara, banyak jalan untuk menemukan Pusat di dalam Diri, untuk menemukan Jati Diri – namun, ada 4 Upaya Utama. 610 more words

Anand Krishna