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Iraq in Crisis - Fox News

David speaks with Fox News anchor Arthel Neville about the crisis developing in Iraq.

David Nelson

The Heartbleed Bug - How Serious Is It? - Fox News Interview

David talks to Fox News host Arthel Neville about the Heart Bleed Bug and what the public should know.

David Nelson

Baby Boomers Watch Out! - Fox News

David Nelson joins host Arthel Neville to discuss the trend of fortune 500 companies leaving the suburbs for the cities. Surprise comment from Greg Jarrett at end.

Press Appearance

KolorBlind Spotlight: Arthel Neville ... drumming to her own news!

Whenever I hear the name Neville, my mind immediately flashes back to the Neville Brothers and the beautiful music they’ve created. Then every now and then you catch a familiar glimpse on TV and it’s Art’s’ daughter Arthel. 408 more words


Fox 5 San Diego News Team.

I dislike watching the news. It is usually about depressing topics or news that makes me want to stay inside of my house forever.  However, I like watching Fox 5 news because the news team there is funny. 160 more words