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My Daily Battle

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I’ve been in quite the Battle the past few weeks.  My pain levels have limited my ability to complete most tasks that I do in my Daily Life.  391 more words

Don't do it!

Contemplating suicide?  Don’t do it!!!

If your pain level has you thinking that you would be better off dead please call someone.  If you don’t have a friend or relative that you feel you can trust then please call the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255.  167 more words


How to Heal Leaky Gut

Modern life is hard on your gut. Your entire digestive tract can be affected by stress, processed foods, alcohol, medications, and bacteria.

All that chronic irritation can lead to inflammation and, eventually, to a lot of little pinprick-style leaks in the very thin and delicate lining of your intestinal wall. 1,776 more words


Old Hands Lead to New Things

I took this picture while I was seeing how well the Sigma 17 – 70 lens focused up close, and while looking at the result I was reminded that I should probably tell you some more about why I have pursued a lighter, more easy to hold camera system that still lets me practice photography.  165 more words


Not today!

I have been in constant pain for years, some days it’s low but when I say low I mean low to someone who is in pain everyday, its sometimes a 4 out of ten and I can deal with that and smile. 136 more words

My.Daily.Distraction... ~ Post 129: The Art Of Scarf

My daughter always had a way with scarves.

She began to shamelessly wear them after learning how to knit.

They look so lovely on her. 185 more words