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The Vagus Nerve and Meditation

I don’t think I use this blog enough to share info like I do on Facebook. As I think about it, though, it seems the things I post here have a much longer shelf life than those I share on FB. 310 more words

Systems Thinking

That Dratted Arthritis

I completely forgot to post yesterday. This is what happens when you get up early in the morning. Your brain goes to bed before you do and you forget stuff. 191 more words

Podcast Episode 2 - Accepting our super power

So the other day I was watching one of my series, Agents of Shield, and I really identified myself with one of the characters. In that episode, this guy’s abilities activated and, as anyone with a new power, he didn’t understand what was happening and his powers were causing a lot of damage. 106 more words

Chronic Illness

National Arthritis Week - 12-18 October in the UK

It’s National Arthritis Week in the UK from 12-18 October and Arthritis Research UK are running a ‘story wall’ in its honour. My story (in 250 characters, which is a bit mad, but there you go, we’re the Twitter generation!) is up there somewhere on the wall – or will be soon. 231 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Weigh In Day....

Well I have gained back 3# from last weeks weight in, I am not sure how accurate that was as I weighed at the vets last week…man that sounds pathetic…LOL  but I did and was so happy with the number that came up I never thought about reweighing when I got home..my error for sure..then I had the rough last beginning of the week, out of 7 days – my calories were over 1500 for 3 of those days, and some of my food was breads….and I know how that affects me…so I am not surprised I am where I am at…so that’s that and I am back on track and focused…last three days have been fabulous…so I will chalk it up to a learning experience..at least it wasn’t more….and I think I will stay off the vets scale…LOL… 209 more words

Get Set WALK!

According to the recent study conducted over 2,00,000 randomly sampled middle-aged and older Australians, one can reduce a chance of an early death by 12-14% by spending at least an hour of a day to walking than sitting. 145 more words


A little bit of what you Fancy...

Let me just take this opportunity to say OH. MY. GOD. I luuurrrve Krispy Kreme donuts! I love red wine. I love reading to my children (See my Roald Dahl tribute to follow). 202 more words