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Sexual Freedom and the Hegemony

Thoughts inspired by ‘I Remember Babylon’

For anyone who is cool and under 30ish years of age sexual freedom together with tolerance of life-styles and orientations is very much a given. 510 more words


Fables from the Fountain

OK this one needs a bit of an explanation before we get to the book. Back in 1957 the great science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke published a book of short stories that he had written over the preceding 4 years and had appeared in various places in that time. 839 more words

Book Tales

2001 was 50 years ago already?

It’s hard to believe this film is 50 years old. The Guardian marks the occasion with a piece that describes how the first audiences were baffled and walked out of the premiere, and how the critics of the day rubbished it: “trash masquerading as art”. 395 more words


2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, Stanley Kubrick)

2001: A Space Odyssey has five distinct parts–the “Dawn of Man” sequence, then the space station and moon visit, then the main action before the intermission, then the main action after the intermission, then the “Jupiter” sequence. 1,145 more words


As featured in the New York Times, sort of: Take my 2001: A Space Odyssey Quiz!

You may have read in the New York Times that Pal-for-Life Glen Weldon and I gave a “sparsely attended” talk about the origins and legacy of… 918 more words


2001: A Space Odyssey and Seeds of an Intellectual Awakening

Discussing human nature and where humanity is headed has to take evolution into account in my view.  That view was impacted by Clarke’s work to be sure. 552 more words