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Seven Friday V Series: Finally a Watch You Can't Read for a Price You can Afford

Jokes aside, some of the best (defined as “horologically distinctive and cool) watches are ironically, the ones which make you work a little harder to tell time. 391 more words



Magic! For realsies.

While you can perform these incredible feats with your limitless mind and the power of your WILL, I don’t think you’ll be wielding a staff of doom to bring down any unscrupulous plumbers lurking about the castle. 254 more words

Arthur C. Clarke

Futurescape: What Will Become Of Us 1000 Years From Now?

Who Wants To Live Forever? 

“Even if we are civilised 1,000 years from now, will we still be the dominant form of life on Earth?” – Arthur C. 886 more words

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#ChildhoodsEnd on #Syfy - Invasion by aliens with a mission you don't expect - even after 60 years of #ScienceFiciton

Syfy is launching a mini-series built on Arthur C. Clarke’s classic 1953 book. It won’t debut until December but the buzz has started.

“Utopia, but at what cost?” 339 more words

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August WhispersyncDeal roundup: Ken Liu, Chuck Wendig, Joyce Carol Oates, Max Brooks, and more; read by Michael Kramer, Luke Daniels, Kate Rudd, Grover Gardner, Mary Robinette Kowal, and more!

I keep getting later and later in the month with these… so this time, once more, with feeling, don’t wait too long. The first two sections of deals all expire on August 31. 2,470 more words

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Currently Reading: Childhood's End

Now that I have finished reading The Martian (coming to a theater near you in October), I have moved onto reading Childhood’s End by Arthur C. 272 more words

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