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2001 and Pink Floyd's Echoes

For those of you who enjoy something a bit trippier – the infamous syncing of Pink Floyd s Echoes and the final act of 201 a Space Odyssey… 11 more words

Science Fiction

April 2015 Blind Spot – 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

As far as film blind spot goes, this is perhaps one of the most glaring for me given its iconic status. Well, better late than never right? 1,043 more words

Flix Reviews

Interstellar, The Cooper Station and Rama

As always I’m behind on films, but last night I watched Interstellar. I really didn’t know what to make of it. The science behind it was based on the work of theoretical physicist Kip Thorne. 218 more words

Books And Films

Give a man a fish, or teach him to fish?

I’ve been asked why, despite being a technologist by background, I don’t write about tech, or cover the most recently exposed exploits. Most security professionals spend most of their time selling, implementing, maintaining and monitoring technology. 505 more words


Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke

To cut to the chase, I was going to give this 6 stars (out of 10) as I was approaching the end of the story. Clarke put together so many solid sci-fi ideas in this novel, but the connection with characters just wasn’t there. 277 more words


Charles Dance introduces us to SyFy's adaption of "Childhood's End"

“Childhood’s End follows the peaceful invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords. Karellen (Charles Dance), the ambassador for the Overlords, makes first contact with Earthling Ricky Stormgren. 83 more words


Rendezvous with Rama short movie

“But at least we have answered one ancient question. We are not alone. The stars will never again be the same to us.” Arthur C. Clarke, Rendezvous with Rama