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A Hawk From a Handsaw, Part 3

Over the last few days, I’ve been doing my best Robert Anton Wilson impression, and, like him, I’ve been seeing hawks everywhere. Science fiction is full of them. 1,201 more words


A Hawk From a Handsaw, Part 1

I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.


In the summer of 1974, the Israeli magician and purported psychic Uri Geller arrived at Birkbeck College in Bloomsbury, London, where the physicist…

1,012 more words

Review: Great Science Fiction by Scientists, ed. by Groff Conklin

A couple of months ago, I reviewed Mike Brotherton’s anthology, Science Fiction by Scientists, for Tangent. This inspired me to read Groff Conklin’s… 1,063 more words


Large Space Vessels -- Toroids

A toroid is a figure shaped like a torus. Common examples abound, such as rings, hoops and doughnuts. It’s an attractive shape for large space vessels, and it appears in numerous science-fiction settings as well as on the drawing boards of space agencies. 886 more words

Science Fiction

3001: The Final Odyssey, by A.C. Clarke

My copy: 9780345423498

Ah, at last we come to the end of the Odyssey saga, 1000 years after the start, and I’m not totally sure what to say about this one. 450 more words

Book 'n Tea Time

"...this is just like the silly astronauts that eat floating food in space!"

The above quote is what I heard my son excitedly exclaim as I was driving him home from Montessori school today. I had just picked him up and we had stopped at our favorite coffee place to get him a “not-so-hot chocolate with LOTSO whip cream,” because I’ve turned him into a warm beverage addict just like myself. 540 more words

T-shirt Tuesday: SciFi Books That Got the Future Right?

Get ready for something kind of adorable and totally nerdy: My husband and daughter have matching t-shirts about science. It’s the t-shirt featured in today’s blog for T-shirt Tuesday. 582 more words