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RSDS Redux

Concerning AI…

And here’s a thinly-veiled shoutout to the late Science Fiction Master Arthur C. Clarke…

Okay, that wraps it up for now!

As always, my thanks go out to everybody!   53 more words


Going Up – An Inspiration Haiku and My Introduction To Arthur C. Clarke

At work I came across a big fat short story collection by the late science-fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke. To my shame I must admit that I have not read anything by Clarke, ever! 145 more words


THE MEDUSA CHRONICLES - Stephen Baxter & Alastair Reynolds (2016)

I fear that Alastair Reynolds might be one of those in the long, long line of artists who best formulated what they had to communicate when they made their debut… Ripe with the urgency of the unacknowledged artist – who doesn’t write or paint or play music because it his or her profession, but because it is a passion, something pursued after hours, a labor of love, a vision that needs expression. 1,139 more words


The Extraterrestrial Repeater

It was during the mid-40s when the writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke – completely ahead of his time – wrote about an “extraterrestrial repeater” in one of… 337 more words

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Retro Review: The Fountains of Paradise @ Infinispace.net

I’ve always been fond of the classics, both the books and the authors.  As a fan of the genre I feel obligated to be knowledgeable about what has come before, and to be honest some older science fiction, while reading a bit dated from a technology viewpoint, are often superior in … 20 more words

Science Fiction

Ploughing on with sci-fi

Science fiction was my favourite genre of reading when I was younger; when I was a teenager I devoured every book in the library – I had to borrow my mum’s ticket to go into the adult section. 482 more words


OMNI Greatest Sci-Fi Book Lists

I’ve been writing for OMNI ‘Reboot’ online, and have some listicles of possible interest to any science fiction genre fans out there:

Greatest Sci-Fi Protagonists… 403 more words