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The Other Side of the Sky

I stumbled into a lovely second-hand bookshop the other day and found Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘The Other Side of the Sky’, a lovely collection of short stories that was first published in 1958. 507 more words

Arthur C Clarke

The logic of Arthur C. Clarke

I’ve long been a fan of Arthur C. Clarke’s writing, and have never really thought too much about why. But it occurred to me the other day, as I was re-reading something of his, that a big part of why I like his style is down to one thing. 887 more words

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Book Review: Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke

Confession time: I’ve not read very much classic science fiction. As a kid, I was always more into dragons and wizards than space ships and aliens, and as an adult I find I’m just not often interested in reading books that are older than I am. 869 more words

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Gabbing Geek Online Book Club: Childhood's End

Announcing a Gabbing Geek book club that probably won’t be covered by the podcast.

The Sy-Fy Channel revealed recently that they are going to be airing a three-episode mini-series based on Arthur C. 249 more words


The Fountains of Paradise | Arthur C. Clarke

What first got me about this science fiction story is that it may not be entirely fiction.

In the twenty-second century, a visionary scientist with an unbelievably cool name (Vannevar Morgan) has drawn up the plans to build an elevator from earth to space. 493 more words

Arthur C Clarke

Gobbets of the week #17

Here are links to the top 10 gobbets of London history we liked this week:

1. Three very big cheers for @thegentleauthor for spearheading the successful campaign to… 139 more words