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Aquaman At A Glance

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Aquaman At A Glance

Why Aquaman Doesn’t Suck:

Aquaman has been given a lot of flack in the past, I mean like a lot of crap from people, so much in fact that I’m probably going to get a lot of people that pass this post by, thinking: “Nope, he sucks, nothing you can say will make me believe otherwise. 795 more words


Ocean Master's Life On Dry Land

I’m so stoked that Ocean Master’s getting back into the picture. I like how he’s not completely evil, and he even loves his half-brother Aquaman. Happy to see he learned first hand how not all surface dwellers are the monsters he’s imagined them to be, even bonding with a young kid and acting as the father figure. 6 more words


Mera As A Diplomat

From – Mera – Queen of Atlantis #1


Aquaman was Already Cool

By Carter Glace, Staff Writer

To be honest, I imagined I was going to write so many more articles about Justice League. It is the first cinematic appearance from comic’s first superhero team, featuring an absurdly troubled production and released in theaters as a stitched together mess. 706 more words


Jason Momoa Defends 'Justice League'

Through social media, review aggregation sites, and internet memes, Justice League has had some backlash due to the obvious reshoots and choppy editing within the film. 584 more words