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Aquaman And Mera VS The United States Military

Other super heroes do silly banter during fights, these 2 bicker and plan their wedding.

From – Aquaman Vol. 8 #5


The United States Military Attacks Aquaman And Mera

It’s a simple thing, but I like how this fight establishes that Aquaman and Mera, despite being mostly viewed as water-type heroes, can handle themselves well in a land fight. 51 more words


Superman (Aquaman Vol. 8 #5)

I’m eager to see a one on one conversation between Pre-New 52 Superman and New 52 Aquaman. As of now this Superman hasn’t really talked to any Justice League members at length after the… 22 more words


Aquaman #4 (2016) Review

Aquaman #4 was the acceleration this comic book needed. We see what’s happening from every side and all the things at play here. Aquaman was taken in last issue by the US government because the Atlantean people presumably attacked an American ship. 250 more words

DC Comics

Aquaman #3 (2016) Review

Now I wanna say Aquaman #3 has improved the series, but it didn’t. Sure there are improvements in there somewhere that I will talk about, but the series so far hasn’t impressed me the way I know it can. 208 more words

DC Comics

DC's SDCC Trailers

Arthur Curry, I hear you can talk to fish. – Bruce Wayne

San Diego Comic Con is all about the “wow” factor and they definitely brought the wow with these two trailers.

47 more words