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Aquaman Tries To Be Batman (Rebirth)

Aquaman was deposed as king in the previous issue, and is thought dead by everyone. The idea of him being a vigilante in the bowels of Atlantis is fun one.

From – Aquaman Vol. 8 #25


The Ninth Tride

The Ninth Tride is socially and literally the lowest quarter of the city-state. It straddles, and falls sheer into, the carnac abyss that splits the city north to south, a relic of the catastrophe that sank Atlantis. 16 more words


How Aquaman Stopped Dead Water

On the previous issue, it was revealed that Dead Water is the defense mechanism of Tethys, a sentient living water from another dimension. If a person gets too close to the interdimensional portal while having strong feelings of fear, it automatically transform that person into Dead Water. 86 more words