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The Drowned VS Aquaman And Mera

The Drowned can summon an army of Dead Waters? That’s insane!

Batman – The Drowned #1


Aquaman And Dolphin VS Kadaver

I can’t tell if Kadaver is really powerful, or they’re nerfing Aquaman in this fight. He’s not injured or recovering from something, so why is he having such a hard time beating this henchman? 36 more words


First Appearance Of Ondine (Rebirth)

I have a feeling I’ll like this new character. Ondine is a disgraced member of the Widowhood and acts like a secret agent.

From – Aquaman Vol. 8 #27


Aquaman Meets Krush

Solid job of painting more layers to the story of Atlantis. Since it’s a huge city, makes sense that not everyone’s lives are better. This story arc has Aquaman swimming with the dwellers of the lowest, and most lawless, area in Atlantis. 23 more words