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What a Strange World We Live In

In April 1981, times, as they say, were a-changing. Daylight saving time is introduced in the USSR, the rock band Yes broke up and at the McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket the Red Wings and the Red Sox battled it out in what became the longest professional baseball game in history. 118 more words

The Hayseed Chronicles

Mr Toppit

We never meet the titular character of Charles Elton’s debut novel, the fictional protagonist who haunts a bestselling set of children’s books, The Hayseed Chronicles by Arthur Hayman. 98 more words


Meeting Graham Carter

Last week I lunched with a legend. Without this man’s guile, temerity and good grace we, the people of the world, would not have had the pleasure of reading Arthur Hayman’s… 347 more words

The Hayseed Chronicles

Journey into the Darkwood

On a cold January morning I took a journey into the Darkwood. To Linton in Dorset. To the Hayman estate. Where Arthur wrote his great works, where Luke outwitted Mr Toppit and where Martha still lives to this day. 250 more words

The Hayseed Chronicles

Remembrance of Things Past

Continuing my investigations, I recently spoke to two very kind archivists at White City. William Hammond and Phillip Birch are currently buried deep in the bowels of BBC head quarters digitising a wealth of old Radio programmes for posterity. 84 more words

Arthur Hayman

White Witch Scarier Than Mr Toppit?

Upon hearing of Penguin’s publication of Charles Elton’s Mr Toppit, I was struck by a gamut of emotions. Surprise, fear, anger, intrigue, hunger. Upon reading it (I am now almost half way through the copy… 162 more words

The Hayseed Chronicles