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20 Time w/GavinAntonio: Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller is a tragedy following character Willy Loman in the last 24 hours of his life. Willy, a prideful older man who has reached the end of his career still holds on to his ambition of becoming a successful man to make a name for himself and his family.  323 more words

All My Sons (Miller)

This one hasn’t lost one bit of its power. War profiteering. A father’s secret cannot stay secret. What boys want their fathers to be. When money isn’t enough. 33 more words


Sixth form revised

I’m one of those people who really struggle to throw anything from school away. I still have year 7 folders floating around under my bed, however I decided this summer was the time to throw out everything I didn’t need. 726 more words

Tender is the Night

tender is the night
long is the day’s journey into night
it’s easier to name a street car
than it is to name one’s desire… 21 more words


On Arthur Miller's "Playing For Time"

Preliminary thoughts and questions:


What effect does the sound of the train tracks throughout the act create?

What does the audience’s waning attention towards it symbolize? 1,087 more words


Past Imperfect - #530

Marilyn Monroe: “Arthur, I’m not really understanding this bit in your play right here, with the witches shrieking.”

Arthur Miller, off-camera due to clearance issues with his publicist: “Well, it’s an allegory about the Salem trials and McCarthyism and… why are you standing like that?” 475 more words


A View from the Bridge

A Painfully Human Story

A View from the Bridge

by Arthur Miller

Teddington Theatre Club, Hampton Hill Theatre until 3rd February

Review by Melissa Syversen… 968 more words