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They who must not be named

Arthur Rachkam- ‘They will mischief you’ from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

The open use of proper names for fairies- whether personal or collective names- is universally frowned upon and frequently punished.   505 more words

Sex & the fairy

Arthur Rackham, illustration from Milton’s ‘Comus’

As I suggested in the previous post, sex and sexuality are strong elements in (adult) fairylore.  Maureen Duffy, in her extensive and detailed study of fairies in literature,  498 more words

Time Is Unstoppable, but We Can Choose the Extent of Its Damage

Red Rose – Jacki Kellum Watercolor

“… chose her colors with the greatest of care. She dressed herself slowly. She adjusted her petals one by one.

608 more words

The Way to Write for Children by Joan Aiken

In 1982 Joan Aiken was asked to write a practical guide on the art of writing children’s books. From the first line it is clear that she wasn’t entirely sold by this concept (‘There is no one way to write for children’), but concedes that there are many practical things that a new writer can do to create a successful children’s book – mow the lawn, put your feet in a bucket of hot water, take laudanum…. 1,277 more words

Joan Aiken

David Despau and Arthur Rackham

Having only looked at black and white styles (not including the digital cel shading), I wanted to look at a more colourful style. Having recently received watercolour pens as a gift, I wanted to see how they could be used to display the Alice in Wonderland story. 797 more words

Pen And/or Ink

A midsummer night’s dream

We have recently digitised two very charming items from the Rylands Children’s Collections, both of which lend themselves beautifully to a blog post.

The first is an item that I was very excited to come across through a customer enquiry. 498 more words