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"That shrewd and knavish sprite"- the fairy temperament

Is it possible to generalise meaningfully upon the character of a people?  There are, of course, popular conceptions of nations such as the British, Welsh, Irish and Cornish, but how valid are these stereotypes?   940 more words

Fairy Tale Illustrators

Many of my early encounters with classic fairy tales were visual. I remember reading and being read stories like ‘Bluebeard’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘The Snow Queen’ from an illustrated children’s anthology, and I can still recall some of the images from that anthology today. 892 more words


Faery goats

I could have chosen quite a number of beasts, but I have a decades old affection for goats.  I’ve never yet owned or cared for one of the creatures, but I’ve always wanted to and I’ve not given up my aspirations yet! 331 more words

Arthur Rackham's Sleeping Beauty

I recently found a 1st edition Sleeping Beauty, published in 1920 and illustrated by Arthur Rackham, in a second-hand bookshop; to me this was like finding a gold nugget in a gravel stream bed. 595 more words


Waking from a Summer Slumber

What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?

~~Tatiana from A Midsummer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare

September~~A month with diary pages written in the charcoal smudge from burning brush piles and a pen pocked with pollen from goldenrod and ragweed.

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Adventures In Imperfection

They who must not be named

Arthur Rachkam- ‘They will mischief you’ from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

The open use of proper names for fairies- whether personal or collective names- is universally frowned upon and frequently punished.   567 more words

Sex & the fairy

Arthur Rackham, illustration from Milton’s ‘Comus’

As I suggested in the previous post, sex and sexuality are strong elements in (adult) fairylore.  Maureen Duffy, in her extensive and detailed study of fairies in literature,  751 more words