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Three Unattached Drawings

Sometimes I put aside whatever project I am “supposed” to be working on and do a drawing just because. I’ve got quite a few of those, but I’ve picked out just three to share. 673 more words


Daze and Dr Guthrie: part 2

This is an Editor’s Cut …

It’s 1984. Daze, step-sister to Jenny Guthrie (of Baby, Baby and The LabyrinthYear) is applying to art college. Wandering around the Trewin Studio Sculpture Garden, St Ives, she discovered Dr John Guthrie, Jenny’s Dad, and a well-known fertility specialist. 816 more words

Baby Baby

Fairy Tale Friday - An Erotic Romance by Terrance Aldon Shaw


(Based on Der Ring des Nibelungen)

By Terrance Aldon Shaw


 Once upon a time—and a fell and fearsome time it was, when endless twilight lay upon the land—there lived a lowly orphan waif whom men called Findlekind. 5,678 more words

Terrance Aldon Shaw

Book Illustrations and other thoughts...

I suppose I first knew about Arthur Rackham from an edition of Wind in the Willows that was published with his illustrations. His willow trees are unique and are really distinctive.  610 more words

Other Writing

Arthur Rackham: childhood's dreams and nightmares

Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) was the preeminent British book illustrator of the “Golden Age” of illustration.

While many of us might recognize his illustrations from childhood fairy tales and storybooks he illustrated many other works including:  126 more words

Creating Inexpensive Wall Art

"Never so weary, never so in woe."

Arthur Rackham (1908)

From A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Reliving my childhood through Arthur Rackham

Rackham, one of my favourite favourite favourites. What a lovely way to celebrate fairy tales. The sinister stories we familiarise innocent children with at such young vulnerable ages. 23 more words