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National Poetry Month: April 24th

Novel by Arthur Rimbaud


No one’s serious at seventeen.
–On beautiful nights when beer and lemonade
And loud, blinding cafes are the last thing you need… 228 more words


National Poetry Month 2015: Day 18, Rimbaud


By Arthur Rimbaud
Translated by Paul Schmidt


Where the stars sleep in the calm black stream,
Like some great lily, pale Ophelia floats, 274 more words

National Poetry Month

Iggy Azalea and the Death of Freedom

“The high pool is always steaming. What witch will rise up on the white sunset? What purple foliage will descend? …While public funds flow into fraternal holidays, a clock of pink fire strikes in the clouds.” Rimbaud… 1,873 more words

Current Events

Rimbaud/Rambo Essay & Poem Are Up!

So delighted to be a part of The Operating System’s 30/30/30 Poetry Month project, an always fascinating series of essays by a variety of artists about poets who have inspired them. 273 more words

My Poetry

Le Double Rimbaud (extrait) / The Double Rimbaud (excerpt) - Victor Segalen

Victor Segalen
Le Double Rimbaud (extrait) / The Double Rimbaud (excerpt)
translated from the French by Paul Stubbs

published in The Black Herald, # 5… 284 more words

The Black Herald

Merry Spring ~___~

It’s warm enough to walk outside without a huge coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::dances::

You know you’re getting old when everything you did when you were young sparkles in your mind’s eye and everything people are doing/wearing/listening to now, is shit. 308 more words


Depuis huit jours, j’avais déchiré mes bottines

Even Rimbaud, as a young poet, fearlessly experimental in his vocabulary, imagery and poetic structure, could be perfectly at home writing a sonnet – one more demonstration of the almost universal appeal of the 14 line poem. 358 more words