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Morning of Drunkenness

my good! O my beautiful! Atrocious fanfare where I won’t stumble! enchanted rack whereon I am stretched! Hurrah for the amazing work and the marvelous body, for the first time! 220 more words


Undine | Wennefer

I lower the jets of the chandelier, throw myself on the bed, and turning toward the dark, I see you


Arlene Weiner: Nearer

All day our brilliant screens show without letup

hysterical screamers winning money prizes,

a woman sneering at another’s getup,

boys doing jackass stunts in various guises, 116 more words


Guest Barista John W. Leys-Dreams of Poems Already Written

Allen was in Asgard reciting America and
Singing the Buddhist Bible Blues for All-Father Odin
While Bobby and Baldr compared notes concerning
Daily dreams of darkness, depression, and death. 149 more words



Everything seen …
The vision gleams in every air.

Everything had …
The far sound of cities, in the evening,
In sunlight, and always.

Everything known … 18 more words



📝 Romance

👤 Arthur Rimbaud

When you are seventeen you aren’t really serious.
– One fine evening, you’ve had enough of beer and lemonade,
And the rowdy cafes with their dazzling lights! 569 more words



This word seems to communicate a blush-cheeked bareness, a rubbing of the ribs and a bald exposition. It has several ways it can be said: “ribbled,” “rib-bold,” “rib-alled,” “wry-balled.” They all boost its burlesque sense. 919 more words

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