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Idle Youth

“Idle youth, enslaved to everything; by being too sensitive I have wasted my life.”

Arthur Rimbaud


le bateau ivre

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I waken in the night and through a dark window
I see lost souls screaming up at the stars
the sound of their voices is cloaked in the singing… 111 more words



Pale as the morning stars, the moments fall.

 across the world another’s hurting, i

 read more into the soaring leitmotiv… 18 more words


On Reading Rimbaud, The Little Asshole

Is it possible to make one’s face so lifeless that it becomes invisible?
I think it might be. I know it
In fact, it’s as easy as an icebreaker through three-foot thick drifts… 100 more words

By My Pen


Nov 10 is Arthur Rimbaud’s death-day. He died in the Hopital de la Conception in Marseille as the certificate above explains.

The hospital has been rebuilt so it’s not actually the same building that Rimbaud died in, but it is the same hospital and the same site. 18 more words

It's been a long day

Seen enough
Had enough

— Arthur Rimbaud, Departure. Selected Poems & Letters



À l'aurore / At dawn

“Recevons tous les influx de vigueur et de tendresse réelle. Et à l’aurore, armés d’une ardente patience, nous entrerons aux splendides villes.”

(Journal de bord du voyage accompli, samedi. 87 more words

Renewed Awareness / Une Conscience Renouvelée