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ON THIS DAY: October 20, 2017

October 20th is

All American Rose Day

Brandied Fruit Day

International Sloth Day *

Mammography Day


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Seer by disorder,
verses raised from a cauldron–
the rebirth of cool.
John Biscello

Everything Has a Price-John W. Leys, Guest Barista

They’re auctioning off the pistol
Verlaine used to shoot Rimbaud
In an absinthe & opium fueled lover’s spat.
Souvenir of love, bloody violence and poetry. 81 more words


winter dream

To *** Her

In Winter, we’ll travel in a small pink coach
With blue cushions,
Well installed, mad kisses nesting
In cosy corners.

You’ll close your eyes, not to see through the glass… 66 more words


Est-elle almée?...

“Is she an Egyptian dancer?… In the first blue hours
Will she destroy herself like deceased flowers…
Before the brilliant expanse where we feel
The enormously flourishing town exhale. 38 more words

Arthur Rimbaud


We sitting in Café Bacchus; D. reads to me a few lines from Rimbaud’s letter to Georges Izambard:

I am disoriented, sick, angry, dumb, shocked; I was looking forward to sunbaths, endless walks, rest, travel, adventure, bohemianism, but: I was most looking forward to newspapers, books… Nothing!

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Arthur Rimbaud

The poet, therefore, is truly the thief of fire. He is responsible for humanity, for animals even; he will have to make sure his visions can be smelled, fondled, listened to; if what he brings back from beyond has form, he gives it form; if it has none, he gives it none. 24 more words