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Airships of Camelot: The Rise of Arthur (#1)

A post-apocalyptic steampunk wild west retelling of the Arthurian legend. That should get your attention, am I right?  There is a LOT going on in this novel. 578 more words


An Update at the Crosspost

It’s that time again! That is, that time when I look at my blog and realise there is a significant thing I’ve failed to write about, which this time means… 416 more words

Series Review: The Pendragon Cycle

The Pendragon Trilogy, by Stephen R. Lawhead, which includes Taliesin, Merlin, and Arthur. I read old paperbacks from Avon Books which I received as hand-me-downs from my aunt. 1,807 more words


The Sword in the Stone

a sword in hardest stone stuck fast
and from its place could not be rent
“until such time” the legend went
“a worthy one should come at last” 75 more words


Sunday Fiction: Once and Future

The world turns on. People live and die. A hill on the island of mists is filled with silence; its occupant sleeps, waiting.

Above, in his Kingdom, a man has a vision. 557 more words

Short Story

Language of Kings: The Fall of Arthur Review

The Fall of Arthur by J.R.R. Tolkien, with edits by his son Christopher Tolkien, is a venture into Arthurian legend by way of an unfinished poem, written in Modern English in the Old English metre. 799 more words