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The cost of revenge

My novel, Riven: When Storms Collide, begins with the elf Tinachore returning to Ceridwen the cup that had been stolen from her. In the years it was lost, her anger festered. 138 more words

Celtic Mythology

The Once and Future King

When I first read The Once and Future King, I cried allot! “I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob!” But seriously – I did indeed laugh and cry, and most of the time, my chest constricted and tightened and heaved with pain, joy, and beauty, and as much as I wanted to keep reading, I often had to put it down just so I could breathe. 477 more words


Le Fay to be Released August 9th

Yes! I have a release date! Le Fay is to be released on August 9th!

I have agonized over this for a while, and finally settled on a release date… one that I think is fair and gives me time to polish Le Fay into something great. 187 more words

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New video explainer

Hey there folks! Please take 3 minutes to check out the new video on the landing page I’ve made to quickly explain the main things to know about my Swithen fantasy book series. 188 more words

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It’s Done!

It’s done! Omg! I finished writing Le Fay early this morning. At ten past one this morning to be precise. And, wow! I think you’re all going to love it, I really do! 145 more words

Stacey Jaine McIntosh

Kindle Countdown Deal

I’ve been slacking…

It’s been a while since I’ve arranged one of these. Mostly because I have been sucked into the swamp of condensing my manuscript for Logres 2. 163 more words

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