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Religion - To practice or not, to disclose or not - My Choice!

A casual query posed by my teacher at my law school has resulted in this detailed post. Simply put, the query was whether the freedom of religion under Article 25 of our Constitution includes freedom not to practice any religion? 2,101 more words

The abuse of Article 25 has to stop - Rakesh Sinha

“Article 25, which guarantees the freedom of religion, is by no means a blank cheque to missionaries and clerics to use money and deceitful means to convert poor, illiterate victims of a feudal social order. 803 more words


A national Anti-Conversion law?

It was an interesting coincidence yesterday when I watched PK, amidst the debates on religious conversions (Ghar Wapasi) that have been the highlight of the recently concluded Parliament session. 861 more words

Something Kills A Child Every 2.5 Minutes - and No, it's not HIV/AIDS or Malaria

Can you tell me how many times you ate today? Most likely, you can. I mean it is pretty easy and it is something substantial. But could you tell me how many times you went to the bathroom today? 491 more words

Article 25: The Action

This weekend, SVH/Ayni Wasi led Ollantaytambo in joining hundreds of cities worldwide in the first ever Global Day of Action for the Right to Health. The day was coordinated by… 491 more words

10x10 - Article 25

10×10 Drawing the city of London, is a program in which 100 leading architects, designers and artists, make a square drawing of the city of London. 271 more words