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'My friend is pronouncing her baby's name wrong, should I tell her?'

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"I\u2019m verging on keeping my mouth shut, which will be fine as long as I never actually have to address the child by name, or refer to her by name. 934 more words


Harvest is full of flavour

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At first glance, Harvest in the northern NSW hamlet of Newrybar seems so on-trend as to be unnerving. 5,080 more words

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Fighting The Power: Hip-Hop's Platform for Politics

Music has always been a vehicle for self-expression for both the creator and listener. No matter the messaging or the topic, musicians use their work to share their feelings and thoughts with the world, typically to the pleasure and support of their fans. 462 more words


30 Rich Content Traffic Pulling Marketing Articles - Web Traffic Rich Content Articles for the low price of 99 cents

You have decided that you want a website. But, how do you get it to be seen by search engines? The key is keywords. An adage on the Internet is that content is king, that is with the proper keywords in place. 20 more words


Article Marketing - Creating A Winning Resource Box Entry

In today’s competitive whole world of websites, it is not only important to offer good content however it should also attain the market you are focusing on. 389 more words

Article Marketing

Your Article Resource Box | An Easy Money Making Idea

If you know what article marketing is, then you know your article resource box is the place to make money. The catch is that you only have a small amount of space in which to entice the reader into further action. 347 more words

Article Marketing

What Expectations Do You Have Of Your Website In These Difficult Times?

So you just put your site up or your current website is stalled and you are finding that you are nowhere to be found on the search engines not even for your primary keywords. 382 more words

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