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Andrew Keen's views on 'News 2.0'

I had a hard time understanding a lot of this article. Trying to read and reread just to catch the terms and scenarios he talks about. 251 more words

Article Readings

Social Media Reader Articles: Rosen, Anderson, and Shirky's

The articles of these readings were very interesting, yet some were long winded and a little rude almost. I think 2 of these articles intrigued me because of the way they refer to the audience. 213 more words

Article Readings

Peter Elbow's "The Music of Form: Rethinking Organization in Writing."

The article by Peter Elbow was quite an interesting article.  I was into music and in band in high school.  I really enjoyed reading his input into connecting the music and text.   61 more words

Week 2 Boyd and Yancey articles

I really enjoyed both of these reads.  I found the Danah Boyd article very thought provoking.  I really made think about how much time I spend online.   98 more words

Bogost/Gee Articles

Both of these articles while being informative had their ups and downs.  I found that the Gee article was a very hard read.  It seemed very confusing for me to try to keep all of the terminology straight.   151 more words