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the melancholy personality

Who is the person that can be say that they or that he has a melancholy personality? To some, it is the person that is the one who is always moody, the one that always has nothing to say when spoken to, the one that is the snobbish asshole at home. 581 more words

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the porn industry: influence on society morals

The porn industry in America is a thriving business which every dick, Tom and Harry is getting themselves into all for the sake of the popularity and the money which is involved. 607 more words

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life at the nigerian law school

I made a post on the life at the lagos campus of the nigerian law school. Now, an update. The place is hectic because there is a lot to assimilate and a lot to learn. 38 more words

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How to Make It as a Movie Writer


Are you trying to make it as a movie writer? Are you trying to separate the great from the clickbait?

A movie writer, as you can imagine, is someone who writes about movies. 145 more words