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Writer's Perspectives on Jack and Jill

Warning: this post may occasionally be irreverent and somewhat exaggerated. Please note that all events are based on the actions of fictitious characters in a fictitious environment, and that scenarios are postulated with tongue firmly in cheek. 925 more words


Win-win-win deals for Freelancer!

I was as pleased as punch with myself – until I realized that my clients (two of them) were also winning big time. Then I was even more pleased. 458 more words


Will my writing make your blog post go viral?

In a word, “No”. But I’m a good writer. I can be engaging, entertaining, informative, or professional, and I believe in producing strong content, so why shouldn’t my posts go viral? 419 more words


The Zoo called Nigeria

We have the people here in the country always screaming out at the top of their lungs: “One Nigeria!”

But there is a question that has to be thrown out to these same people, and it is: ‘Do we really have a one Nigeria?’ Why is the Hausa-Fulani taking their matchets and killing all the people _ particularly the Easterners _ they can lay their hands on? 448 more words

Article Writer.

New Featured Sunset Header for July 2016

India Sunset by Sharukh Bamboat

 India Destinations – pathbreakingwriter

Visit Sharukh Bamboat’s blog site at https://indiadestinationsblog.wordpress.com

About Sharukh Bamboat

 Sharukh is a full time freelance web content writer by profession, a blogger, ghostwriter, article writer, and press release writer. 396 more words

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In the news: Nikon Coolpix

Okay, so it’s not in the actual news, but it’s my news and I figured that would count for one week..

I was given an early birthday present yesterday from my entire family – a Nikon Coolpix L340 digital camera – which is something that I wanted so that I could take quality photos. 51 more words


Article writer? Think Readly

As a keen article writer I was thrilled to recently discover the Readly app. Essentially a magazine reading app it is linked to literally hundreds of magazine titles around the world. 310 more words