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Decongestion of Nigerian prisons

Prison Decogestion in Nigeria: the way forward…

In Nigeria, we have our prisons, just like any other country in the whole world, but, unlike some of the countries, we have the fact here in Nigeria that some of our prisons are seriously congested, choked up with prisoners. 1,011 more words

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Nude Yoga

In recent times, there has been a steady in the incidence of nudity that is seen everywhere, both in the movie screens, the fashion industry, beaches, and virtually anything you can think of. 435 more words

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How to sell a lot of ebooks

Many writers think of being the very next big thing that have happened in the literary world next to the phenomenal success of E. L. James and her Fifty Shades trilogy. 1,266 more words

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The Four Temperaments

After experiences and much study of people due to one on one interaction I’ve realized that of a truth we have four temperaments. Since I cannot come up with more befitting acronyms for them I’ll use the already existing ones. 2,959 more words

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What Does Your Business Need to Be Successful Online?

I recently had a client contact me about a very niche business that he had. He wanted to use social media and reach thousands of followers along with a Facebook page, and even a YouTube account. 265 more words

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Mimi Bartlett - Caption Writer

Welcome to my Mimi Bartlett site!

I’ve recently been creating lots of captions with motivational or inspirational sayings and I needed a place to put them.   168 more words

Academic Solutions

Hello! The Ultimate Academic Writers (UAW) welcomes you to their site, where you can interact with the writer’s panel, and could post your projects, assignments, synopsis, and research work to be handled by our expert writers. 53 more words