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"POMPEII" The Exhibition

The German Poet, Goethe, after touring Pompeii ruins in 1780s wrote, “Many disasters have befallen the world, but few have brought posterity so much joy. 232 more words

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Salesmen hate cold calling

Cold calling refers to making unsolicited phone calls to sell merchandise or services. It can also mean doing the same in person.

This is something most salesmen hate to do. 321 more words

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status update? where do we draw the line?

I feel like we are at an era where we can freely say anything, but when we do, it becomes this colossal type of confession and that everything we say is being magnified. 204 more words


Is it Possible?

To be at a loss for words?  This is usually a bad thing for a writer and falls under Writer’s Block.  I teach how to find your way out of that and now I find myself… 268 more words

Breastfeeding - The Newborn Daze

It’s 4 a.m. The white noise machine is turned up to the loudest volume and the room is dark except for the soft glow of the night-light. 1,360 more words

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Okinawa City Host’s Industry Fair at Comprehensive Park

From the annual tug of war in Naha to the Yomitan Light Festival at Peace Prayer Park, it’s no secret that Okinawa knows how to host a celebration. 486 more words

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What is The Invisible Hand?

Traditional beliefs, culture are struggling hard to cope up with the changes, the world over. There is a crisis about how much to change, what to clutch on to. 303 more words

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