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Ursula K. Le Guin Has Died at 88

It was reported today that acclaimed science fiction and fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin died yesterday in her home in Portland, Oregon.

Her talent and imagination will be missed by her many fans. 20 more words

Science Fiction

Larger Than Life: Rosaleen Norton - The Witch of King’s Cross!

Australia can’t claim many famous witches but Rosaleen ”Roie” Norton, a talented bohemian painter, adhering to a form of pantheistic / NeopaganWitchcraft which was devoted to the pagan god Pan, was known for most of her life as the ”Witch of Kings Cross”. 2,352 more words


Harmonisasi Perjanjian Internasional dengan Hukum Nasional

Suatu negara tidak dapat hidup tanpa negara lain

Globalisasi[1] yang melanda dunia masa kini telah menjadi tantangan tersendiri bagi semua orang. Dengan adanya globalisasi telah mampu membuka jalan pada serangkaian proses-proses interaksi lintas batas antar wilayah, baik itu nasional maupun internasional. 1,580 more words


[Top Star News] "iKON releases teaser spot for 'Love Scenario'...'My Type' feels"

Article: “iKON releases ‘Love Scenario’ teaser spot with ‘My Type’ feels”

Source: Top Star News via Naver

Group iKON has released a teaser video for their title song, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ for the first time. 448 more words


My Thoughts on Saya no Uta

So I recently finished a particularly disturbing visual novel. Before venturing into this, I knew nothing about what it contained: only who wrote it (Gen Urobuchi), and that it is a relatively well-received piece of work (Given an average score of 8.20 on its VNDB page). 2,009 more words