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Book review: Business Planning for Editorial Freelancers, by Louise Harnby

By Amy Haagsma

As a new editor, I have set out to learn as much as I can about editing, both the business and the craft. 681 more words


Higher Self and Soul

Many people use the terms Higher Self and Soul to be synonomous, but they are not.  Your Higher Self is uniquely you and incarnates with you body by body.  167 more words


When I Grow Up

Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to be. But I definitely knew what I didn’t wannabe.

  1. Doctor

For someone to be a doctor, you have to be ruthless, otherwise explain to me how a normal human being can cut through the flesh of a human being, and get out some parts of the body, then place them back, sew it up like it was some piece of clothing and never get worried about it. 282 more words

Self Improvement

The Family Meal: What Brings Us Together?

Part of what makes eating together so pleasurable, in any language or culture, is the conversation. But when London-based photographer Chris Terry was in Niger photographing an ordinary family enjoying a spaghetti dinner, he was surprised that no one spoke. 76 more words

Zester Daily

Our Atmosphere

What we commonly refer to as ‘air’ is actually made up of a number of different gases. These gases are prevented from spiralling out into space by the powerful gravitational field of our planet. 524 more words


Don't Be Afraid of Manual Focus

I have a new article for you this week guys, just released at Digital Photography School, this one deals with alleviating your fears of manual focusing…just do it! :)