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Retro Replay: X-Men Legends

X-Men Legends is an action-RPG title that I always described as a dungeon crawler, which is fitting considering how many people compare it to Diablo… 167 more words

The Butterfly Effect

I only knew Ashton Kutcher at the time from Punk’d—which I’m sad to admit how many episodes I watched and that I bought the DVDs—and… 1,094 more words

This is a tough one.

What a deeply flawed and wonderful, yet confusing, experience. I said it by accident when we stepped out of the theater, … 1,164 more words

Batman: The Killing Joke

I didn’t think it would come to my town, but I was very pleased when friends informed me I was wrong. We sat down in the theater, a little irked that this ‘special event’ was $2.50 more than a regular ticket, but once the trailers were done and the feature started everyone fell quiet—I was focused. 976 more words

Why Me ???

Why Me is the question of someone who views life as things happening TO them versus them doing something.  Before I get cyber-stoned for this statement, I UNDERSTAND that terrible things do happen TO people– whether it’s an illness, a death, or any other countless, crappy things for which we do not have control in the tangible sense. 930 more words


Leslie Jones Hack Is Wrong, But She Isn't So Innocent

Leslie Jones is caught in the center of yet another social media controversy. Her personal website was hacked with photos posted of Jones’ driver’s license and passport. 760 more words