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Vintage Wheels

Having heard of this event several times before, I was very excited to go, and let me tell you I was not disappointed.

It  was a grand reunion of vintage cars, Buicks, GMSs Dodges, Mustangs’, VMWs, all from the 60′ and 70′.  249 more words


Transgender Day of Remembrance 2017

Remembering the violence, hate crime and murder of trans people and gender diverse persons based on gender identity and gender expression

On 20th November, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) 687 more words


Me and My........

Life seems so wonderful when you are along with me.I don’t realize the time running out.You are always amazing and gives me solution whenever I am struck with a question. 85 more words


New Favorite Artist

In my class, Modern Art, we had a paper and a presentation to do on a modern artist that we found interesting. I looked up many artists and I found Giorgio de Chirico very interesting, mostly because of how his painting style changed after the year 1919. 324 more words

Where Creativity Works

New Article Published!

Hello everyone,

I am extremely blessed to announce that I am now a journalist for one of the hottest publications, Rolling Out Magazine. This is such an amazing opportunity and I am even more grateful to build with other great writers and like-minded people as well. 152 more words

Life. Love. Peace.

挪得之地 (land of nod)

圣经里有许多重名的例子。 比如为耶稣开道的先知施洗约翰,和耶稣最爱的门徒,在拔摩岛上写启示录的约翰。他们都是谦卑舍己的人,神圣道路上的拓荒者。再比如耶稣的门徒雅各,耶稣的兄弟雅各,和以色列人的祖先雅各。


该隐杀弟,被神放逐到伊甸园的东边,挪得之地,land of nod which means restlessness and trembling.

该隐若谦卑悔改,诅咒或者变成祝福,如同利未一族,散在以色列全家,却成为神重用的仆人。该隐一族选择建立世俗的荣耀, 来抵挡被神离弃的恐惧,用斧锤的喧嚣来掩盖内在的空虚。他造了一座城,以儿子的名字命名,将那城叫作 “ 以诺 ”。

圣经里特别提到该隐的第六代后裔拉麦,他娶了两个妻子,生了三个儿子。他们有才干,也勤奋,以发明和技艺著称。一个儿子是牧养牲畜之人的祖师,一个儿子是弹琴吹箫之人的祖师,一个儿子是打造铜铁利器的。集财产,娱乐,军工之大成,拉麦是何等的骄傲,便对他的两个妻子说,拉 麦 的 妻 子 , 细 听 我 的 话 语 : 壮 年 人 伤 我 , 我 把 他 杀 了 ; 少 年 人 损 我 , 我 把 他 害 了。若 杀 该 隐 , 遭 报 七 倍 , 杀 拉 麦 , 必 遭 报 七 十 七 倍 。 9 more words


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