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Naked Disclosures

“Nothing is really little as long as it is genuine.”

The temptation to be like the world is as close to us as the a mother kangaroo nestles her baby. 755 more words


Don't make more excuses, be ready for hardwork.

Source: Don’t make more excuses, be ready for hardwork.


Troubles #AtoZChallenge


Who don’t have it? So as you have and your partner too.

There are thousands of problem we face in our day to day life, office, home and sometimes in relationship too. 165 more words


Bonus Material: The Max Payne Movie

When Casper asked me to review a movie based on a game I was very intrigued. Not because I really wanted to review the movie itself, but to try out something new. 1,061 more words


Signs That Your Car Needs Clutch Service from Auto Repair in Lincoln Park

No one can predict just how long it will last, but since the clutch is one of the most frequently-serviced components of manual transmission vehicles, it’s likely that it will need to be repaired or replaced at least once within a vehicle’s lifetime. 315 more words


Disguised as human beings

One of my political heroes was the late South African politician Helen Suzman, for many years the only anti-apartheid member of the (all-white) parliament in Cape Town.

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Atogaki あとがき

This is the last chapter in the book Togakure-ryu Ninpo Taijutsu, called Atogaki, which means “Afterword”, in free translation…

“After three years of shooting, I was finally able to publish this book.

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