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Design Ideas that Increase the Value of your Home

Read our article on how to increase your home value before you sell your home. This can be the biggest investment you can make…

Interior Secretary Zinke is a Roosevelt fanboy. So does that mean he won't trash the place?

In a White House crowded with dirty deplorables, new Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke stands out. For starters, Zinke is the only member of the Trump administration who rode to his first day in office on a horse. 1,417 more words

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How to Talk to A French Person

Ever been afraid of talking to a french person? Unsure how to approach the fact that because of their difference in culture, despite the fact that they might live in the U.S, your mannerism and speech should be drastically changed for them in order to not offend them or their culture in any way, shape or form? 1,495 more words


Sacred Mushroom Tea

Sacred mushrooms are a rare fungi which can be made into a powerful hallucinogenic. So powerful, in fact, that in the right circumstances it actually lets users interact with a shared hallucination that can pose an actual danger to them. 467 more words


Thoughts of a Pastor's Wife on "The Shack"

Lots of my Christian friends are talking about The Shack now that the movie, based on the book, is out. I have not seen the movie yet, but I did read the book several years ago, and I think there are some important things that need to be said. 646 more words


The Codex - Sugar Cubes

I am a test subject
Under the Doctors white light
This head of mine a curious sight
Evil corporations and fake might

As soon as you feel at peace! 122 more words