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Why We Can NOT Separate Evangelization and Social Justice

One of the greatest heroes of the social justice wing of the Church is, quite rightly, the seventeenth century “slave of the slaves,” St. Peter Claver. 812 more words


Praying Through the Guilt

Do you remember the first time you told a lie?
One of my friends recently told me that he remembers the first time he lied to his parents. 855 more words


How to conquer temptation, according to ‘The Imitation of Christ’

Kempis provides powerful wisdom on dealing with temptations.
Over the centuries many saints have turned to one particular piece of spiritual literature for consolation. It is entitled The Imitation of Christ and was written by a German priest named Thomas à Kempis in the 15th century. 435 more words

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The Devil Hates Lent – Here’s How to Beat Him

Lent can be a difficult Liturgical Season for some Christians. In addition to the fasting, abstinence, sacrifices, alms-giving, and penance, it often seems like the devil ups the ante on spiritual warfare. 1,159 more words


Scripture Speaks: “Repent and Believe in the Gospel”

Today, we hear Jesus announce the familiar call of the Church during Lent: “Repent, and believe in the Gospel.”

Gospel (Read Mk 1:12-15)

In one of the lectionary’s shortest Gospel readings, St. 1,852 more words

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Lent, Noah’s Ark, and Baptism

In today’s fuzzy moral landscape, it is quite unpopular to even speak of sin, never mind condemn it. It’s even more politically incorrect to talk about God taking stern action against sin and those who promote it. 700 more words

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What Christ Saw From Gethsemane

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus knew perfectly just what it was for which He was to pay the penalty of death. He was to pay the penalty for sin — for all the sins of mankind, from the first to the last. 1,875 more words

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