"Mainly Misunderstood -- Five Myths and Realities About Using Floating Lines For Striped Bass" in the current issue of American Angler

Why are floating lines so underused for striped bass fly fishing? Are intermediate lines  truly versatile? These questions and more are answered in “Mainly Misunderstood,” and you can read all about it in the current (May/June 2017) issue of… 63 more words

Steve Culton

Adding My Graphic Novel and Book Reviews

After much thought, I’ve decided to add my Graphic Novel and Book reviews on this blog.  I was cross-posting them to LiveJournal, and trying to deal with the technical problems, but with Live Journal going under – I wanted a second place to post my reviews. 26 more words

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A Journey to the Other: An Essay on Translation - Louis Klee

When the Hulagu Khan’s army sacked Baghdad in 1258, survivors said the Tigris ran black for three days. Thousands of manuscripts of philosophy and literature, science and mathematics, amassed during the city’s age of translation were flung into the river, “translated back in diluted ink.” 1,316 more words

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I Have Every Right to be Angry

I’m honored to have my essay, I Have Every Right to be Angry, in an upcoming edition of Pact Press, an imprint of Regal House Publishing. 61 more words

Articles And Essays

Anarchist Communication Woes and the Relationalist Revelations

“If we allow our imagination, our thirst for knowledge and our youthful passion to be extinguished, then we allow a piece of ourselves and of the human collective to be forgotten.

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10 Books by Polish Women Writers That Should Be Translated [External Article]

If you’re a fan of foreign literature, there’s nothing more frustrating than having such a passion tempered by the inability to find translations of particular books.

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Are You an Echo? The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko [External Article]

“The flower shop man

dreams of happiness

for the flowers he sold.”

The poems of Taisho era writer Misuzu Kaneko (née Teru, 1903-1930) have become the subject of a new children’s book.

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