Anarchy and Emotion: Overcoming Childism and Healing Emotional Injuries

(Note: This is Part 3 in a 3 part series covering Hard Versus Soft anarchism, the doctrine of Relationalism, and movement toward the Sensitive Society. This is my attempt to professionally reconcile the underlying truth of psychological findings with voluntaryist anarchism.) 1,347 more words

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Comparative success of Grunig and Hunt’s four models of public relations practice

During the early 1980s, James E. Grunig developed ‘the four models of public relations’.  These four models include Press Agentry, Public Information, Two-way Asymmetrical model, and Two-way Symmetrical model. 1,476 more words

Monica Borgman

Case Study Seaworld Parks Entertainment #AskSeaWorld Crisis

1.0 Situations Analysis:

1.1 Organisation Profile

Seaworld Parks Entertainment is among the
most prominent of the world’s zoological organisations. As a company, they provide care for one of the largest animal collections in North America—including welfare, training, and veterinary care (Seaworld Parks Entertainment, 2014). 3,138 more words

Monica Borgman

Read "The Little Things" on the American Angler site

I wrote “The Little Things” a couple years ago in support of a new presentation I was creating. Since then, it’s become one of my most popular talks. 43 more words

Steve Culton

Advanced Microsoft Excel - How to Use Sort and Filter

What are Sort and Filter?

Sorting and filtering are two entirely different concepts – almost opposite. But both allow you to look at your spreadsheet in different ways. 917 more words

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The Entangled Relationship of Money, Politic

April 7, 2016
Hemlata Vasavada
Centuries ago Aristotle described three types of governments–one ruler, few rulers, and many rulers who are benevolent (Kingship, Aristocracy or Polity) or malevolent (Tyranny, Oligarchy and Democracy—now termed Mobocracy). 542 more words

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Letter to Ross: Thank you for Spurring my Recovery

Dear Ross,

You have helped a great number people. I do not just mean in terms of saving lives, adhering to principles, or undermining the dark side of the drug war. 656 more words

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