Agile Update Week 11

It felt like I did nothing worth while this week at all, but looking over my daily outcomes in Evernote, I found I actually had a pretty successful week.   135 more words

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Agile Update - Week 10

Last week, I posted four posts on WordPress, this included one “How-To” post on a technical topic. My goal is three to five posts a week, so that was pretty good.   343 more words

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A Defense of Knausgaard (Gun to My Head)

The work of Karl Ove Knausgaard fascinates me, but not in a way that compels me to defend his work. That’s different than for most of the authors I admire — DOSTOEVSKY! 757 more words


How to Customize Links Inside a WordPress Post

Have you ever wanted to add links to your blog posts? The easiest way to insert a link is to copy and paste the link into your post, then highlight it and click the link button. 293 more words


Does overcoming death mean the end of mass medicine?

“For the first time in history, if I’m rich enough, maybe I don’t have to die.” — Yuval Harari

Earlier I wrote about artificial intelligence… 487 more words

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Robots Want My Job, and They'll Probably Get It.

I don’t usually make predictions, but I’m reasonably confident that my job can be done by a robot in the near future. 

It’s not that I’m especially bad at my job, or that my job is easy. 582 more words

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Agile Update - Week 9

Last week was pretty good overall, and there were two things I did that I’m very proud of. First, I submitted an article to a professional on-line film magazine. 650 more words

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