Tip of the week: look for a reason to set the hook on every drift

This is one of my favorite nymphing maxims. It is one of those abstract truths that proves itself worthy of consideration many times over the course of a season — especially if you like to nymph with an indicator. 230 more words

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Agile Update - Week 29

Last week Monday I returned from a four-day vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – four days with no Internet, computer, or cell phone. Things have been slow since I’ve returned. 155 more words

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Review of Flashes of Vice Vol 2

Book: Flashes of Vice Volume II


The book is a collection of short short stories (flash fiction). The author has employed immense suspense in the stories leaving the reader hungering for more or what happened next. 206 more words

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Thank you for choosing Mystery Publishers!


Mystery Publishers is an Indie Publishing Company, so we do not accept manuscripts for traditional publishing save for the eBook format which is published by Mystery Books, an Imprint of Mystery Publishers, if the author so chooses. 406 more words

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Even if you don't fly fish for stripers, you should read this

Ken Abrames taught me how to fly fish for stripers. (He taught me a lot more than that, but those are stories for another day.) He would tell you that it all came from within me, but clearly the striper angler I am today was formed by Ken’s hand. 353 more words

Steve Culton

Fly Fishing for Striped Bass: Meditations, Musings, and Observations

I don’t know about you, but when I’m out fishing I tend to get lost in my thoughts. Some of those thoughts involveĀ the standard issue routine of life. 584 more words

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Agile Update - Week 28

Last week started pretty good – I wrote two posts on this blog, my regular weekly Agile post and an advice post, inspired by an article where an entertainment reporter asked several female guests what their essentials were for San Diego Comic Con. 321 more words

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