Are you ready for some summer smallies? Read "Hot Bronze" in the August 2017 issue of Field & Stream.

“Hot Bronze” is a primer on summer smallmouth on the fly. It’s my second piece for Field & Stream, and you can read it in the August 2017 issue, on newsstands right now.

Steve Culton

Why I Refocused and Put All My Energy into Anarchism

When I was younger, my intellectual curiosity developed rapidly and it quickly became boundless. I explored and considered every subject I came across.

Philosophy. Science. Religion. 622 more words

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Block Island Stripers From The Shore

“Block Island Stripers From The Shore” first appeared in the October/November/December 2016 issue of Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide — sadly, the last issue of this regional gem. 1,284 more words

Steve Culton

My Love Journey

​My Love Journey

(c) Ronedion

Very few people talk about their relationships. I am in that very group but it is not until today that I was triggered to talk about it. 937 more words

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Adding My Book and Graphic Novel Reviews - Update 3

I have just cross-posted my last fiction Doctor Who book review from GoodReads to my WordPress blog. That isn’t to say that I have published reviews of every… 435 more words

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The unimportance of casting

The casting discussions are seemingly endless: distance, tight loops, line speed, hauling, leader turnover, and more distance. Not that I’m surprised. But I do find it fascinating, especially since you rarely see these topics brought up on trout fishing boards. 101 more words

Steve Culton