Winter Fly Fishing on the Farmington River

“Winter Fly Fishing on the Farmington River” first appeared in the February 2015 issue of Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide.

The best part about winter fly fishing on the Farmington is not that on any given day, you have a good chance of catching trout. 1,225 more words

Steve Culton

The Anatomy of Warfare and Terrorism

Tribal Engineering

Many people think Islamic Jihadists hate freedom. They are painted as barbarians who despise Western culture, that want to watch it burn, and who want to kill indiscriminately. 1,638 more words

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In Memorium - Gabby the Cat

I had to put my cat Gabby down on Thursday 12 November 2015. She was the sweetest cat, and it was really hard. I was torn about even writing about it but I think it will help me. 362 more words

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Agile Update - Week 46

This past week wasn’t so great for keeping up with my personal goals. The only post I wrote on this blog was my weekly Agile Update and that didn’t get done until Wednesday. 575 more words

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Medical Drama Script

By Gideon Mutai
(Assumes the format of a medical history)

Name: Stephen Ayoti Olesipulpul
Age: 25 Years Old
Residence: Mwisho wa Lami
Sex: Male… 781 more words

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The Psychopathology of Statism

The stars and stripes are ablaze and burning bright. The hiss and crackle of the flame can be heard as charred and half-smoldering bits of cloth float away on an uncaring wind. 1,063 more words

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Traveling of sorts. An ode to food.

I like to think that I’ve traveled the world. That no matter what little airplane time I’ve had, I’ve been around the atlas many times now. 594 more words