Contemporary African Art: a question of label?

Published on Doppiozero  – 17 May 2017

When I was asked to work with a new contemporary art gallery focusing specifically on African artists, my first reaction was, of course, one of joy and excitement, not only because this was the kind of job I had always longed for, but also because the word “African,” associated with contemporary art, triggered a number of ideas, thoughts and impressions on which I had been reflectingfor a while. 694 more words

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Writing a dissertation

A dissertation is not a long essay
It is not a thesis which necessitates research and generally leads to a PhD. Dissertations can also incorporate research but on a less comprehensive scale to a PhD. 987 more words

Rejecting the concept of the go-to fly

Are trout anglers smarter than striper anglers? I ask myself this question a lot. I don’t have a definitive answer, but I do know this: no other fly fishing endeavor gets by on a smaller corpus of knowledge than fly fishing for striped bass. 272 more words

Steve Culton

Driving style. Is it my personality or The Highway code

Read this and you will think again about your own driving habits and better understand when you notice some strange antics of others drivers. This could be another dimension to the highway code! 1,015 more words

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Will Brexit create a mentality of insularism within the UK community

We have experienced a high-profile drumroll for the return on the blue passport. ‘at last we can now have our sovereignty back’ was the emotive reaction. 581 more words

The Art of Modeling

I hope this does not offend, but I will admit that I did not see modeling as much of an art. Photography is an art. Painting is an art. 578 more words

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Mainly Misunderstood: five myths and realities about using floating lines for striped bass

No line application in fly fishing is more misunderstood than the floating line for striped bass. Well, maybe not. Maybe it’s the intermediate line. Tell you what — read this, then go forth with your floating line and be fruitful and multiply your striped bass catch. 70 more words

Steve Culton