[Article] Emily Brontë’s fierce, flawed women: not your usual Gothic female characters

Domestic violence, alcoholism, child abuse, neglect, sexual obsession and torture: Emily Brontë’s 1847 novel Wuthering Heights is nothing if not graphic in its depiction of the messy, frightening and chaotic lives of unhappy families.

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Use of Objective Correlative in Fiction

1. Introduction: Have you heard of the term “Objective Correlative?” The term was coined by T.S. Eliot to explain emotional connections between people and objects in literature. 1,225 more words

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[Article] MIND MELD: Exploring Fear in Fiction

It’s always interesting to find out how authors write dark material, so we asked our contributors this:

How do you use the fears that fascinate you in your writing, and how do the things in those dark recesses and corners of your mind come to the fore?

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[Article] Frightening Yourself: The World of Horror Video Games

While it is true that all genres are characterized by a set of pre-established conventions that generate a certain number of more or less precise expectations stimulating a certain reflexive game of guesswork and recognition, the horror genre might be the one that has been most often compared to a game.

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Fifty shades of consumers: An erotic purchase tale

The human race is pretty complicated. It’s always very hard to depict a man’s behaviour, especially when it comes to their choices. I happened to buy a bluetooth speaker that is called Carvaan a few days back which is manufactured by the music studio Saregamapa and has two hundred and fifty one pre-loaded superhit retro bollywood songs. 1,801 more words

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Getting your word's worth

The word machine is humming along. In fact, I’m taking a break right now from one of the many pieces I’m working on. (Despite the sunny weather, I made the command decision to write today. 167 more words

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[Article] From Machen to VanderMeer: The Weird Landscape as the Avatar of Evil

Ah! The weird as literature, the weird as genre, and the weird as…weird. Once upon a time such distinctions were not that important and literature was so inclusive as to encompass a pre-genre expanse by which fantasy and the weird could not be overtly distinguished from the mainstream.

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