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Being Heard

This is a follow-up to a post I wrote a while back, called Pulling You Out of the Shadows. I was caught off guard by the outpouring of responses to that post, which made me feel, perhaps more than I have before or since, profoundly connected to you, readers. 955 more words



Anyone who spends time talking to or reading about parents who opt for cochlear implantation for their children becomes accustomed to hearing one particular sentiment expressed over and over again: “We wanted to give our child  794 more words


My People

When I was first introduced to Facebook, I was not a fan.

“I hate Facebook,” I would say to my husband. “Why do I care about what someone I barely know from high school ate for dessert?” My brother and I would rant to each other about our mutual disdain for Facebook. 836 more words


You Gotta Have Friends

Social situations are hard for people with CIs. They are going to be hard for Grace.

We heard this so many times when she was young. 584 more words

Articles And Musings

Knowing Grace – Culture, Identity, and Evolution

We live in Washington, DC, where we are fortunate to have access to many resources for deaf children and their families. One of these was the parent infant program, called PIP, at Gallaudet University, where we were welcomed with warmth and understanding when Grace was a baby. 1,653 more words


hcrosbykowal reblogged this on Babble Onwords and commented:

It has been a year since I first created Babble Onwords. This piece has always been, in my eyes, the most important account I've written of my life as the mother of a deaf child. I promise more new material is on its way, but, for now, I'm re-posting this one.

Koreans up for a foreign fling??

Shockingly… or maybe not, the Korea Times has come out with a doozy of an article.  They have apparently ‘discovered’ that Koreans don’t mind having a… 919 more words


MERS strikes again?

Just when you thought everything was over, a report of suspected MERS patient appears!

Lucky for everyone, it has been announced that the patient is negative. 218 more words

South Korea