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Purim-Taking ourselves seriously through laughter

A real religion encourages making fun of itself

By Rabbi Aaron Bergman, Special to Digital First Media

Every year, a month before Passover, Jews dress up in fun costumes, host parties, deliver tasty packages to friends and give donations to charity. 650 more words

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My father at Auschwitz

This is a picture of my father, my brother and me in front of the gates of Auschwitz during the March of the Living in the spring of 1999. 210 more words

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A time of darkness is when we must remember that we can be the light the world needs.

Some of my best friends are professors of Jewish history. They are wonderful people, and love what they do. However, they spend a lot of time trying to make sense of something completely illogical and improbable, namely the continued existence and flourishing of the Jewish people. 2,266 more words

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Seeing How Far We Have Come

Moses was raised as a prince in the most powerful nation in the world, Egypt. He had enough power, authority, wealth, comfort and security for the rest of his life if he wanted. 612 more words

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Some thoughts on Israel and a few more pages from my Israel Sketch Book

I have had a daughter in Jerusalem all summer working as an intern. She comes home next week. Another daughter goes to Jerusalem for the year about two weeks later. 458 more words

Articles And Sermons