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German Research

Whether our research leads us directly to Germany or to one of the countries that comprised the German Empire, many of us have Germanic ancestry. As a result, we run into documents written in German. 292 more words

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10 Ways to Take 10K Steps

In an age of digital fitness trackers, one number has emerged as the gold standard: 10,000. Upping your step count — whether you increase your daily total to 5,000 or that coveted 10,000 — is one step toward being that much healthier.But walking around can also be downright boring. 31 more words

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DNA testing

The area of DNA testing for genealogy is still in its infancy and there is much to learn. What with all the advertising by various Genealogy companies we have taken tests and have had relatives tested without thinking of the ramifications. 230 more words

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Blog/RSS suggestions

As a follow-up to earlier posts about using RSS Readers such as Feedly, several suggested links were given by Charles and Donna.  I’m going to add a couple more… 143 more words

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How Much Helps You Get The Most From Exercise

Have you noticed it’s easier to work out when you’re listening to your favorite tunes? It turns out, music really may provide that extra oomph that makes you feel like you can exercise longer. 486 more words

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Infrared Plastic Coating

Another variation on greenhouse plastic is with an IR (infra-red) coating.

  • The IR plastic can reduce your heat loss by up to 20% over a regular double poly installation.
  • 206 more words
Multi Shelter Solutions

Reshelving Library Books

Recently read an article by Amy Johnson Crow “The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Reshelve Genealogy Books”.

I asked our EWGS Librarians Juanita McBride and Barbara Brazington if this applied to us, and got the following reply from Barbara: 127 more words

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