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Batman is in Cumbria and he is taking on Killer Clowns. 

The killer clown craze that originally hit the United States has now reared its ugly head in the United Kingdom. If you haven’t heard about this craze, where have you been? 524 more words


Hearing Without Listening (NEJM)

It is 06:30, and the ICU is quiet as I make “pre-rounds” with other senior ICU physicians. We go from patient to patient, and today we can have meaningful verbal interactions with 3 of our 10 patients. 732 more words

Articles Of Interest

Stay classy Britain

In life, you get weird things. You get Bray Wyatt in the WWE. You get Piers Morgan being considered a celebrity. You even get Weird Al Yankovic. 145 more words


The unluckiest man in Australia?

WARNING: the following story will not be appreciated by arachnophobes.


So I heard this story today about a man who various media outlets are calling “the unluckiest man in Australia”. 290 more words


What would you ideally do if there were no targets? (Allard & Bleakley)


Top-down policy directives, such as targets and their associated protocols, may be driven politically rather than clinically and can be described as macro-political texts. While targets supposedly provide incentives for healthcare services, they may unintentionally shape practices of accommodation rather than implementation, deflecting practitioners from providing optimal care. 216 more words

Articles Of Interest

Recycling Greenhouse Plastic

(please note MSS does not endorse or finance any of the following options, this information is meant as a guide only.) 16 more words

Multi Shelter Solutions

Sex leads to spirituality in men...

Yesterday, the Sunday Mirror in the United Kingdom shared a story of immense proportion.

The leading paper for hard fact journalism highlighted the work of researchers at Duke University in the United States which claims the release of oxytocin during sex (also know as the “cuddle chemical”) could potentially inspire the belief, or even strengthen the belief in God or a higher power. 114 more words