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An imaginative industrial struggle in Spain. http://ift.tt/1Koznh0

The Revolt of the Ladders: the Technicians Fighting a Telecommunications Giant
Since early April technicians for the telecommunications giant Telefonica have maintained an indefinite strike across the Spanish state over their precarious working conditions. 37 more words

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Thought for the day. http://ift.tt/1cUuP3x

The Perfect Explanation of Privilege – In One Powerful Punchline
Comic artist Toby Morris absolutely wrecks the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” crowd in one strip. 26 more words

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An interesting picture of rising militancy in Germany. http://ift.tt/1PABSAd

The strikes sweeping Germany are here to stay | Wolfgang Streeck

As pay gaps widen and conditions deteriorate, German public sector and service workers are turning to once-unthinkable industrial action… 19 more words

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A very interesting perpective on the clash between the Syriza government in Greece and the Troika. http://ift.tt/1PXEx1I

Defiant Greeks force Europe to negotiating table as time-bomb ticks
EMU creditors have Greece’s Alexis Tsipras by the scruff of the neck, but he has a knife to their throats… 20 more words

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Fascinating Friday...

Something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time now, is to start sharing some of the interesting ‘seed biology’ journal articles that I come across from time to time. 95 more words

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Holy Cheesecake

By Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld,

Shavuot never had the marketing potential of the other holidays – no matzah, no colorful candles, no lulav, no shofar, no gift giving. 823 more words

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Sharing the Gift of Torah

By Sara Debbie Gutfreund,

“Just give them the wrong answers,” my lab partner whispered to me in the middle of a long, tedious experiment. It was my junior year in college, and the organic chemistry class was grueling. 607 more words

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