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Installing Before Winter

A previous note that’s worth repeating, as it applies to our climate from now until December…

There always seems to be so much pressure and panic at this time to get a building before winter. 258 more words

Multi Shelter Solutions

Yes, you CAN publish your comic with Smashwords - and have it look good, too.

Something I know I’ve mentioned here before: I’ve been putting comics up on Smashwords for years. Since the very beginning, as a matter of fact. There have been hurdles, and trials. 1,056 more words

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Greenhouses 101: Covering Options (expanded)

We have previously covered the idea that while considering your structure choices you will have to weigh cost versus benefit or return. There is no area which this is more true then with cover choices. 304 more words

Multi Shelter Solutions

"More Jesus! Give Me More Jesus" -- Jim Ford and Lou Jeter Preaching the Gospel

I know, right? Who’d have thought; Jim Ford and Lou Jeter preaching the gospel? Well, that is what happened!

This week, I’ve been exhausted. Mostly, it is a good exhaustion. 2,431 more words

Personal Reflections

Project Happy

No doubt there is a link between our happiness and our health. Click here to learn why happiness is healthy.

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Welcome the Stranger. . .

As we watch television and see the thousands of men, women and children who are trying to flee from the war in Syria and other areas of the Middle East, the world is being called upon to take these refugees in. 492 more words

Articles Of Interest

The Lucky Penny

Have you ever had a psychic moment?  How about intuition or thinking of a particular person and all of a sudden you run into them?  Well, the other day my friend sent me a lucky penny. 583 more words

Articles Of Interest