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Bright Is The Moon High In Starlight

“He is splendorous like the sun. He is pleasing to the whole world like the moon. He is the king of all the worlds like the demigod Kuvera, and He is endowed with valor like the greatly famous Vishnu.” (Hanuman, Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kand, 34.28-29) 802 more words

Hare Krishna

Thanksgiving Haikus

Thanksgiving tidings
Getting drunk with high school “friends”
Thank God I got out

Wore a wool sweater.
Ate a wool sweater. I tripped
Balls with my uncle. 291 more words


The Authority vs The Roman Empire

Just as it looked Like Roman Reigns was going to slot right in to the Seth Rollins-shaped hole recently left, we were thrown a curve ball. 516 more words


Of Breaking Pencil Cases and Doing Math

I’m sitting in math class, doing some weird circle stuff with my compass. I start to get bored and yawn, putting my compass away and pulling out my regular pencil to do some equations. 294 more words


On a more pleasant note...

You might have seen the disturbing post Tiffany wrote. On a happier note…

I think that thanksgiving is about spending quality time with your family. Don’t think about the fact that I’m on the computer writing a blog post, my cousin Greta is on the iPad playing Crossy Road, and Molly is playing Disco Zoo. 91 more words


Processing Anger

I have read different articles on anger – including ones on PTSD forum – and have come to understand it s way in our brains. Still, I think I m missing a step and I need help with this. 71 more words

So this era...

So this era is a funny one. WARNING: I am a walking talking body of contradiction. You MAY also call me a hypocrite and I wouldn’t bite you for saying that. 810 more words