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A new alternative

When you think of a typical bar, you probably think dim lighting, good food and music too loud to have a conversation. Some bars offer a cozier, intimate feel: while others are more open and energetic. 725 more words


Exercise Away Anxiety: 6 Tips to Naturally Reduce Tension

We live in a sometimes stressful world, with work, family, and financial problems listed as common reasons for extra pressure. But there doesn’t always have to be an obvious cause for stress, and many people have anxiety disorders or panic attacks – even when there seems to be no logical reason for the fearful feelings. 783 more words


Tips to Keep Sunless Tans Long-Lasting and Looking Lovely

With skin cancer rates continuously climbing, more people are choosing to skip tanning outside or in tanning beds, and opting for the much safer, healthier version of beautiful bronzed skin: sunless tanning. 752 more words

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Skin Cancer is Scary, and 7 Other Reasons to Choose Sunless Tanning

Everybody knows that lying in the sun for endless hours to achieve the golden glow we love is not only detrimental to the quality of our skin, it can be deadly. 831 more words


Pool Party Princess: 5 Ways to Awesomely Accessorize Swimwear

If you’ve got it, flaunt it in a cool new swimsuit – and if you’re going to show off your new swimwear, you’ll want to accessorize it perfectly. 755 more words


Is Fitness Making You Sick? 8 Quick Tips to Avoid Catching Gym Illnesses

If you’ve ever caught the flu, a respiratory or stomach virus, skin infection or fungus from your gym, you know how frustrating it can be to realize the very thing you do to stay healthy has officially done the exact opposite. 823 more words