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You ever noticed how adorable the girl looked when she smiled whose face is so freckled or pimpled?

You ever noticed how cute it was watching that poor family happily eat together of the same plate? 719 more words


Female genital mutilation and what we're really talking about beneath the weasel words 'genital cutting'

The recent news that a grand jury in Michigan has indicted three people, including two doctors, for female genital mutilation is a welcome development. As the first ever prosecutions of this crime in the United States, the case shines much needed light on an underground human rights abuse that has been going on for too long. 181 more words


Don't Have A Drone and Yet Want to Click Aerial Shots? GoPro is Your Toy!

Not everybody can own a drone for clicking pictures since they burn a huge hole in one’s pocket and not everybody can bear that!

The AER has come to the rescue and has developed a way to get high-in-the-air shots without the need to use DJI Phantom Drones which costs a huge amount of money around Rs.32,000. 43 more words


NPR News: Songs We Love: The New Year, 'Mayday'

Songs We Love: The New Year, ‘Mayday’
With couplets as clean and exact as the guitars that chime neatly around them, the mathematical precision of “Mayday” never gets in the way of shaggy, ragged beauty.

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Waiting for the Credits to End? Movies Are Naming More Names

Complex special effects can mean several thousand crew members are listed at the end. But not all workers are there, and some wish the scrolls were even longer. 18 more words