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Six Students Die in Stampede at Goldman Sachs OCR Event

HUNTSMAN HALL — As every Penn student who isn’t an Art History major knows, the past month has been dominated by the inescapable shadow of On-Campus Recruiting, also known as OCR. 362 more words


The Guardian - Is not having children selfish?

A video produced by the Guardian features Julie Bindel, a writer, feminist and founder of Justice for Women, speaking out about the traditional view that all women should be mothers. 33 more words

Why do crabs slowly change color?

By Ian Salter, Frontiers Science Writer

If someone called you a shore crab, would you know what they mean?

So synonymous are chameleons for their ability to rapidly change color that we use the word figuratively to describe a person who changes their opinion or behavior according to the situation. 545 more words


Dundee Home Teams Returns!

Dundee Roller Girls are shaking up their three year old home teams season with a round robin style tournament on the 5th of November.

Showcasing the skating talent from their brand new intake as well as the old veterans and favourites from the Silvery Tayzers and the Bonnie Colliders. 193 more words

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Guide to Cooking and Baking Substitutions

This is a very handy chart because how many times have we started to cook something and found we don’t have a particular ingredient needed. Well now you may find a substitute ingredient.


Consolidating Civil War hospitals in Maryland

When the Indiana Zouaves arrived in Cumberland in June 1861, they attracted a lot of attention from the residents and understandably so. Hundreds of the soldiers arrived at one time wearing brightly colored uniforms. 987 more words