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Yo-kai Watch is Invading Final Fantasy 14!

Have you ever been fighting through a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV and wishing you had a Yo-kai by your side? Well you’re in luck because this summer… 294 more words


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I never had an imaginary friend, but this story is beautiful! ‪#‎ForAllTheLonelyChildrenWithImaginaryFriends‬ – https://wp.me/p6zJFl-7


Repairing the Presidential Elections

Good morning, good evening, and/or goodnight. Humble reader, I consider myself an average American, and I have to say this presidential election cycle has not inspired me in the least. 868 more words


Interview Preparation Ideas.

Some interview invitations come with a few days notification and most job seekers get thrown off balance due to inadequate preparation time.

Image: Interview preparation ideas for job seekers. 396 more words

Favorite Scene - Chuno - Eop Bok’s Final Stand

If I’ve got only a moment there are certain scenes I watch for a quick hit of kdrama goodness.

Today’s Favorite Scene is Eop Bok’s final stand from the stellar historical drama Chuno (Slave Hunters) episode 24. 535 more words


The Missed Diagnosis of ADHD in Women

The Missed Diagnosis of ADHD in Women

Countless women are diagnosed in adulthood due to a failure to recognize early symptoms.

When conjuring an image of ADHD, one often entertains the standard depiction of little boys running rampant throughout the house or demonstrating disruptive behavior in school. 358 more words



“Choose your friends carefully. You reveal your character not only by the company you keep. But also by the company you avoid. “

We tend to neglect the impact of our surroundings on ourselves.   313 more words