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Seperti Apa Menjadi Benar-Benar Otentik ?

Apa yang dia maksud dengan menjadi ‘benar-benar otentik’ dan memiliki ‘keaslian yang mengagumkan’? Menjadi luar biasa adalah menjadi menakjubkan dan dengan menjadi otentik dalam semua hal yang kita katakan dan lakukan, akan mengubah cara kita dilihat oleh orang lain. 288 more words


November '18 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters:

As you read this there will be less than a week until the mid-term elections.  

Everyone votes for a candidate based on whatever criteria is foremost in their mind at the moment. 640 more words


NPR News: Nancy Pelosi Cuts Deal With Democratic Rebels To Ensure Return To Speakership

Nancy Pelosi Cuts Deal With Democratic Rebels To Ensure Return To Speakership
Nancy Pelosi is poised to once again be speaker of the House, after cutting a deal with several House Democrats who had previously opposed her. 15 more words


Roguelikes and D&D: A profound connection

Finally, after many weeks of delays and many hours of work, I managed to finish a new article based on the research I did for my 2018 talk at the roguelike celebration. 90 more words


October '18 Labor-Citizen

Brothers and sisters:

Everyone should have received letters about the proposed Congressional changes to the formula used to calculate pension solvency.  If enacted as proposed the pensions being paid out to retired IUEC members and their spouses would be cut to a third of the current payout and or result in a substantial increase to employer contributions to the fund to maintain solvency.  288 more words


علماء کا دامن

بچپن میں شیخ سعدی اپنے والد کی انگلی پکڑے ہوئے کسی میلے میں جارہے تھے۔ راستے میں کسی جگہ بندر کا کھیل دیکھنے میں ایسے لگے کہ والد کی انگلی چھوٹ گئی۔ والد اپنے دوستوں کے ساتھ آگے نکل گئے اور سعدی تماشا دیکھتے رہے۔


October '18 Elevator Constructor

Brothers and Sisters,

As I write this, Senator John McCain is being laid to rest.  I won’t go into his resume, that has been well documented and commented on in the media, instead I sit here and ponder the effect it has on his family and his affect on America. 574 more words