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Classroom use of YA books with bullying theme may promote empathy in school

The Canadian Journal of Education has released its latest issue (2016, 39:3). One of the articles written by J.Hughes (UOIT)  and J.L Laffier (UOIT)  is titled Portrayals of… 323 more words


Religion is not "My way or the Highway"

We all might have heard the story of the six blind men and the elephant. It goes like this…

Once upon a time, there lived six blind men in a village. 321 more words


Down the Memory Lane- Into my Slam Book

While going through some old stuff, I found my slam book from my school and college days. Slam books are those pretty little books with questions in them which are meant to be answered with sincerity by your friends. 297 more words


Michael Salven crowned German 1/8th on-road champ

The German 1/8th Nitro On-road National Championships were held this past weekend at the AMC Hamm track. The qualification of the faster Class 1 was won by Mugen’s Robert Pietsch from John Ermen (ARC) and Michael Salven (Serpent) with Patrick Schäfer (Shepherd) and Steven Cuypers (Mugen) completing the top 5 result. 81 more words


Why Survivor Still Matters (16 Years and 33 Seasons In)

“Survivor’s a path, you pave your way by yourself. It’s like going on the Oregon Trail. You have to ford every river, you have to caulk every wagon, you have to go up the hills and down the hills, and sometimes you get dysentery and die.

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Bengali or Hindi writers join us at Hindibaaten or BanglaKathaOBlog

Thank you very much Sunny (sunnymca.wordpress.com) for this brilliant suggestion, now I alongwith some of my Hindi lover friends are trying to create a group of genuine Hindi lovers, who have some time to squeeze out and read+write Hindi stuffs, they can be poems, stories or just scribbles in hindi font or English font but hindi words. 292 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

Some Trade-Offs Worth Making

Life is full of trade-offs. Trade-offs are determined by our value system, in other words, what we place the highest value on at that time. Our trade-offs determine the results of our lives. 501 more words