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Articles: Centjara Datreveno de Esperanto - John Algeo

Centjara Datreveno de Esperanto

Author (s): John Algeo

Source: American Speech, Vol.64, No. 2 (Summer, 1989), pp. 184-189

Published by: Duke University Press

Stable URL: http//www.jstor.org/stable/455051

Accessed: 23-06-2016 10:45 UTC


Articles: Esperanto a Living Language - Alfred E. Johns

Esperanto a Living Language

Author(s): Alfred E. Johns

Source: The Modern Language Journal, Vol. 22, No. 4 (Jan., 1938), pp. 285-290

Published by: Wiley on behalf of the National Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations… 10 more words


Articles: A Visit to Esperantoland - Arika Okrent

A visit to Esperantoland : The natives want you to learn their invented language as a step toward world harmony. Who are these people? 

Author (s): Arika Okrent… 27 more words


The tough gets going...

Raised by her grandparents since she was few months old, Sian grew up with her grandma & grandpa with utmost love & care. The reason what she heard was that her father had Migraine & being an infant involves sleepless nights, crying, & irritability in a child in the due course of child’s growth. 424 more words

Relationship Buzz

M.O.U. for consideration

Below please find a M.O.U.  regarding a limited Layoff and the effects of this action taken by the District.

This M.O.U. will be ratified at the November Chapter meeting. 26 more words


Doctor Strange: Cumberbatch enters the void for an eye-popping visual experience

Doctor Strange’s inspirations are clear. It’s hard not to think of Nolan’s Inception when seeing the kaleidoscopic reality-bending special effects, or of 2001’s ‘stargate’ sequence when Strange is flung through the multiverse by the endlessly watchable Tilda Swinton. 257 more words


Why I'll Never Feel At Home Again

“Have you ever left home and never been able to find it again?”
My latest article is out! If you’ve ever moved away from your childhood home, your friends or your family then give it a read! 14 more words