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Korean Drama Update for November 2015

November was such an amazing and fun drama month!  I really got a lot accomplished.  Regretfully, I did have to drop a drama, but I watched two wonderful new dramas and two amazing classics.   660 more words



কেউ আপনাকে অনুসরন করছে কিনা কিভাবে জানবেন?


The basis of my research: Government Quality and Growth Rates

I’m currently working on my M.Phil thesis.  The basis of this work is relating public sector efficiency to growth rates; and not only to growth convergence, as we usually think about government.   381 more words



Have you as a collector of Ennio Morricone film music ever sat and pondered, WHY? Why have so many soundtracks of this great Maestro been released and re released but others remain unpublished and unreleased? 1,063 more words

Ennio Morricone

Left Behind - Guide to 1v2 ADC

Ever had your support leave you in lane to fend for yourself as they went to do other “support duties”? Sometimes the support can’t stay in lane babysit you but that’s perfectly fine because big boys and girls can take care of themselves. 620 more words

Fake News Website Doesn't Update; Thousands Riot

In recent news, beloved fake news website “The NP Reporter” has failed to update for nearly a year. 97 more words



When darkness creeps to my heart
and tames my fear back upon me,
when the ghostly haunting memories
flashes in my eyes
I try not to cave in… 56 more words