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Updated: Thanks to Facebook, you've got one less excuse to pay your friends back

Update May 27: A few months after launching, Facebook’s Messenger payment feature is headed to the Big Apple.

Residents of New York City and surrounding metro areas will be able to start sending dinero to friends via Messenger soon, the social network told… 320 more words

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Charter Champions Net Neutrality While as Regulators Ponder Time Warner Merger

Saying the right things

I’m going to make a prediction: Charter’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable will clear regulatory approval even though the FCC recently squashed Comcast’s attempt to do the same. 396 more words

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Samsung has a plan to make phones even thinner and longer-lasting by 2017

Samsung has announced that it’s working on “denser batteries” and thinner camera sensors to arrive in its smartphones as soon as 2017.

The struggle that has plagued virtually every mobile developer is making a thin phone that doesn’t cut corners. 258 more words

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Third-party Apple Watch apps will finally be as good as Apple's

Though there are quite a lot of Apple Watch apps available right now, most have been ported over from existing iOS apps. That should be changing soon. 113 more words

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Apple says 'the car is the ultimate mobile device'

CarPlay proves that Apple is relatively serious about getting into the car business. But regarding the company’s intent on branching out into other, grander vehicular ventures such as autonomous cars, all we have is a pile of rumors. 158 more words

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How To Safely Share Your Home Wi-Fi with Friends and Family

Sharing your Wi-Fi doesn’t mean giving up security

When family and friends come over, the first thing they inevitably want to do is connect their mobile devices to your home network, especially if they’re staying for an extended visit. 1,297 more words

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