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Getting Teams with Different Subcultures to Collaborate

(Source: hbr.org)

The term “organizational culture” can obscure an important truth: An organization often contains many cultures. This is true even if your organization is located entirely in one country, or even at one site. 849 more words


How to draw hands...

Dunno!! Don’t ask me!! It looks like it has always been pretty difficult!!

All Kids

Pink Figure

This spot of Burgess Smith Road is cool and green with a creek that’s narrow enough to jump over. The forests are thick and tall, nicely unkempt. 85 more words


I Love You, But I Hate Slavery!

Douglass, Frederick (1857). I love you but hate slavery.  Retrieved from http://www.gilderlehrman.org/history-by-era/slavery-and-anti-slavery/resources/%E2%80%9Ci-love-you-hate-slavery%E2%80%9D-frederick-douglass-his-f

Above is a letter from Frederick Douglass written to one of his former Master’s, Mr. 310 more words


Critical Thinking & Research

OL615 Critical Thinking and Research, the second course in the Masters of Organizational Leadership course, focuses on developing critical and creative thinking skills, including data analysis, conducting research, and evaluating results.  260 more words


Leadership & Ethics

The selected artifact is the Leadership Story assignment from OL614 Leadership and Ethics.  This assignment was to create a media presentation with our unique leadership stories, including a timeline, the development of our personal qualities, skills, and attributes, and our leadership efforts and implications for the future (Saint Mary’s University, 2014).  216 more words