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Кордобский муравьишка

Каюсь и перестаю жаловаться. Мои-то просто микроскопические задохлики, не чета заокеанским:


Fort Capron (now Ft. Pierce) Treasure (1857)....

During the Third Seminole War, army paymaster Major Jeremiah Yellot Dashiell was traveling to Fort Capron on the Indian River on the east coast of Florida with a leather pouch containing $23,000 in gold that had been withdrawn from the sub-treasury in Charleston, South Carolina. 737 more words


Spotlight Artifact: Pacemaker

In 1958, Dr. Wilson Greatbatch of Clarence, NY invented and patented the lifesaving cardiac pacemaker. Dr. Greatbatch worked alongside Dr. William M. Chardack and Dr. Andrew A. 171 more words


Father Crespi And The Missing Golden Artifacts

The story of father Crespi is one of the most enigmatic stories ever told – an unknown civilization, unbelievable artifacts, massive amounts of gold, depictions of strange figures connecting America to Sumeria, and symbols belonging to an unknown language. 507 more words


rocky trivia roundup

Rounding up some obliquely geological trivia, featuring runes, volcanoes, artifacts, roads, and unbelief…

1. The first full history of Denmark, a sixteen-volume admixture of Norse mythology, folklore, and fact, was completed in the early 13th century by… 1,300 more words


Vikings were Buddhists

So-called “Buddha bucket” a brass and cloisonné enamel ornament of a Viking bucket handle in the shape of a figure sitting with crossed legs. Oseberg ship, 800 AD