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The Science of Fun

To enjoy a drink to the fullest, it needs to be served in the right glasses and needs to be paired up with the right kind of foods; food that you think goes well with your drink. 56 more words


Coloured Prana: The Dreaming Lyrium Of The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail, also known as the Cup of Babalon. Jesus spoke of “new wine.” Various shades of what Toltecs refer to as “dreaming colour” are the same as the wine in the cup. 2,125 more words


ECNS: China launches database for stolen foreign antiques

ECNS: China launches database for stolen foreign antiques. “The State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH) on Friday launched a database for stolen foreign antiques to prevent such antiques from entering and circulating in China. 23 more words

Security & Legal Issues

It's Not Easy

Have you ever reached your work place, and didn’t know what to do and how you made it there in the first place? Have you ever tried to keep all the doors open, only to find no one coming your way? 316 more words


Home Cooked Meals

There is no greater joy than the family sitting down for a meal together after a long day at work. My mother was a working woman, much like me, and none of us would break bread until everyone made it to the dinner table. 42 more words


ART | I | FACTS - No. 2



FACT :: I like circles + lines. I like black + white things. I also like color, and watercolor is my favorite medium to use. 18 more words

Carl Jung


It wasn’t that he felt he was old

He was still here

Still favored by fortune

If only he could find the key

All these doors seem locked… 193 more words