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Kitty Love

Smurfette is one of the main protagonist in the Smurfs. Smurfette was created by evil wizard Gargamel an enemy of the Smurfs to create unrest. But she chose to be a real Smurf, so Papa Smurf casts a spell and her hair turned from black to blonde to mark her transformation. 27 more words


A Little Piece of Paradise

One of my absolute favorite parts about Belize was the beautiful and bright colors everywhere you went. Whether it was a house, a community center, a bank, or even a hospital, everything was bright pinks, oranges, and blues. 158 more words

A Song about Hygiene

During one of our days in Belize, we were able to the attend a school in the village. We were told that we would be going into the classrooms at the school and giving a short presentation on proper hand washing and teeth brushing. 205 more words

Belize Animals Vs. US

The animals that everybody had in Belize were wildly different than the ones we had in America. One family had an animal called a “squash”, which is a relative of a raccoon and they had it chained up to a tree as if it were a normal pet like a dog! 177 more words

The rise of robotics and AI from 1921 to 2020.

Fueled by advances in computing power and connectivity the fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have grown rapidly findimg new applications in factories, businesses and homes. 37 more words


Digitization ≠ Repatriation: When Digital Humanities Provides Access But Not Restitution (Sarah E. Bond)

Sarah E. Bond: Digitization ≠ Repatriation: When Digital Humanities Provides Access But Not Restitution. “This week over at Hyperallergic, I wrote about new exhibits at the British Library and the Victoria & Albert Museum which both engage with the cultural heritage of ancient and medieval Ethiopia. 65 more words

Research & Opinion

Archaeological theory: progressive-evolutionary and scientific evolutionary

Addressing the question of culture change, the progressive-evolutionary approach interpreted archaeological data within schemes that have dominated much of anthropology. These schemes placed cultures on a scale of linear, progressive development from “primitive” to “sophisticated”, or “savage” to “civilized”, with the culture from which the interpreter came usually seen as the apex of evolution. 508 more words