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Archives & Special Collections Intern, U.S. Navy’s National Museum of the American Sailor


Location: Great Lakes, Illinois  

The National Museum of the American Sailor internship program allows for interns with numerous interests, strengths, and goals to gain practical, hands-on museum experience at the United States Navy’s newest museum.  2,125 more words


Finding Buckles

by Samantha WoodstockCART Archaeological Technician

Buckles have been used for multiple different purposes throughout centuries. There are numerous types of buckles: knee, belt, shoe, girdle, boot/garter, spur, etc. 413 more words


What's "y'all" got to do with "thee" and "thou"?

  • In my morning routine, in the hustle and bustle of getting myself to work, it hit me, y’all… In linguistics, basically, language/words/parts of speech are a function of human behavior.
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History, Art, and Archives of the House of Representatives (and the Senate)

I’m a member of a semi-active Facebook group that was started several years ago following the final session of the Century of Progress TAH project. The group was an attempt by project participants to stay somewhat connected and supported after three years of working together. 800 more words


Faces of an Emperor

Nineteen hundred years ago, a young Roman aristocrat, Publius Aelius Hadrianus, became Emperor of the Roman Empire. Heir to Emperor Trajan, he assumed the official name Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus and remained in power for the next 21 years, from 117 until 138 CE. 675 more words


An American History Museum ...In Henry Clay's House

YOU ARE HERE -> up to 1852

Ashland’s history is unique in the world of historic house museums in that there was a very early and unusual practice of displaying artifacts for a public audience …within Ashland, while it was still a private dwelling.  1,618 more words


ARCH365 Podcast: Lithics and Lithic Analysis- Episode 12

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My second contribution to the ARCH365 Podcast!  Episode Summary: On this episode, Emily Long defines and describes lithics and the different ways lithics are analyzed.