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Welcome to the Circus

“My circus train pulls through the night
Full of lions and trapeze artists
I’m done with elephants and clowns
I want to run away and join the office”
― Mike Doughty


Rainy Sunday

Too lazy today to go through my weekend checklist; there are some days you just give in to sloth.
Сырники  and my plum jam for breakfast (and then again for brunch…), finishing the long-winded French novel, for once competently translated (y Hoyt Rogers)- all those strange turns of phrase and endless sentimental passages  reasonable enough for the premise and the story to be believable, to relay the fragrance and tone of time. 337 more words


Rabbit Hole of Catsup

I fell down a rabbit hole while I was downloading photos from the expedition camera.  It started as a brief quest to date a surface find, the complete (!) ketchup bottle in the photo.  476 more words


Jamacoaque Shaman

My latest project features this amazing 27 cm high shaman presenting a sacrifice to the gods, and is from the Jamacoaque of Ecuador. Possibly the La Tolita culture, 100 BCE to 200 CE. 306 more words

*This is a continuation on the declassified documents series

Sitting in the WikiLeaks declassified database is a document on the Vatican World War II documents. It is a cable from the Vatican from 2002, stating that “POPE JOHN PAUL II HAS ORDERED THE PARTIAL OPENING OF THE VATICAN ARCHIVES FOR MATERIAL RELATING TO THE PERIOD LEADING TO AND DURING WORLD WAR II.” (The cable can be found, here: https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/02VATICAN819_a.html) 98 more words