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What is a Suicidalist's Purpose in Life? Bob Finds Out.

We’ve reached halfway through our revisit of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal.

Once the revisit of the story concludes, there will be another mention of it being made available on Amazon Kindle, and soon thereafter, in print formats. 2,121 more words


Post-Cinematic Artifacts at Media Fields Conference

Next week, on April 7, 2017, I’ll be giving a talk titled “Post-Cinematic Artifacts: Digital Glitch and the Ruins of Perception” at the 2017 Media Fields conference, “RUINS,” at UC Santa Barbara. 57 more words


Jaggy artifacts (raw yuv file is important!)

Jaggy arfifacts are introduced by the mismatching between the mismatching of neighbouring pixels. In YUV color space, the focus is on Y component.

Some jaggy artifact is unavoidable. 131 more words

Teaser 2 # ARTIfacts 7

The second teaser… can you guess what ARTIfact 7 will be?

Mixed Media

10,000 Years

 The Reader cannot read
The sleeper cannot sleep
The singer cannot sing
For love of you

The dreamer cannot dream

The diver cannot dive

Except into your eyes… 43 more words