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Cerge TR 8

Cerge capped yesterday after his lastest eTR, and I then spent some time cleaning his TR cache. Today I checked his sagas to make sure I didn’t forget to turn any of them in, then TR’d. 59 more words


Cerge 9.0

Cerge started out his life as a sorcerer and then he became a wizard and a bard (arcane sphere). His three first lives he was a non iconic, but since iconics were released, all of Cerge’s lives have been iconic. 1,171 more words


The Poet

He sighs
Maps out the storyline
Like butcher to his pig
Pushes where she’d turn right
Adapts ill favor from proferred resistance
Alchemist turning hearts to stone… 107 more words

Velhala Shafaris: Princess of Bounties

A dwarf stumbles out of The Firestar Chariot tavern in the city of Sundabar. He stands in the doorway, checks around him, then pulls up a hood over his head. 2,146 more words



WHAT A SESSION. DND was exactly what I needed this week.

P.S. peep my new bard skills 👀



When you get so caught up in battle that you fail to notice that the villain is a rip off of your characters name 😂


The Awoken Maiden

I am sure that you will forgive how scarce are my writings of late, but to rule a ruined city full of menaces, enemies and whimsical overlords is not as easy as it seems. 245 more words

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