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Resolutions; or, A Boy In The City [pt. 10]

Once again, I have let my posting habits fall to the wayside. It’s been two months. Time is a strange thing. You let it out of your sight, or lose focus on it in your periphery, and suddenly you find that it has moved beyond you with, or without, your consent. 1,677 more words


AL-BARI: The Evolver

AL-BARÍ (البارئ) The Evolver, The Developer, The Artificer, The Producer, The Maker from Nothing, The Inventor, The Creator

Arabic root

It is derived from the root (ب ر ء) which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to create, to form out of nothing, to manifest; to create using pre-existing matter, to evolve; to be individual, to become clear of another thing; to be free of fault or blemish. 349 more words

God's Unique Unity


With less than three weeks until Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I am excited to announce a huge upcoming live concert in Allentown, Pennsylvania!!!

This show, called… 740 more words

Original Music

Genesis 4:22

Science Rendition

And the power to obscure the inner essence of things gives birth to a progressive return, cycling of the strong compressive power, which extends the inner radiating fire and the potential of creation, as well as (gives birth) to its analogue, aggregated formation, thus polarizing into a power to radiate out from the center (centrifugal) and to aggregate and associate energy and matter (centripetal). 599 more words


Labor; or, A Boy In The City [pt. 6]

It’s been a very hectic, but also very rewarding few weeks since my last post. Summer’s fever finally broke, doused the humidity in a few days of rain, and now everything seems to have cooled just enough to be perfect. 1,076 more words


Inquisition - Hector Rex

Happy belated Canada Day.  I was camping the previous four days and enjoyed Canada Day in the Canadian Rockies.  Happy Independence Day to my neighbours in the south.  219 more words

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