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The Devil's Breath by Harry Dayle

MI16 and their experiments with the latest technology made this story an engrossing read.

Xavier Baxter leads quite an interesting life as a DS until he was shot in the head. 502 more words


Computer-Generated Chess Problem 02323

A new if not unique KQRR vs krrbnnp mate in 3 chess construct composed autonomously by the prototype computer program, Chesthetica, using the ‘Digital Synaptic Neural Substrate’ computational creativity method. 193 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Veriff: An Online ID Verification App Using AI to Prevent Fraud, Partners with Blockchain and BVG Data

Veriff is a fast-growing Estonian startup that has partnered with Blockchain to provide identity verification solution to small businesses.

Veriff is an online-based ID verification startup that helps verify identities of individuals ranging from Berlin public transportation passengers to the Blockchain users. 315 more words


Facebook has acquired Servicefriend, which builds ‘hybrid’ chatbots, for Calibra customer service

As Facebook prepares to launch its new cryptocurrency Libra in 2020, it’s putting the pieces in place to help it run. In one of the latest developments, it has acquired… 550 more words


The Brain is not the Mind

After decades of research and contemplation by a host of experts in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive studies, as well as the intense efforts of many philosophers and scientists from various schools of thought, coming to terms with and attempting to fully comprehend the complex nature of human consciousness still engages some of the best minds of our day. 719 more words


LaGuardia and Self/Made

Onwards, with some graphic novels featuring powerful women of color from the adult section of the library. I’m a big fan of Nnedi Okorafor, and I buy the adult graphic novels for my library, so naturally I had to purchase and read her new graphic novel!  649 more words


Meet Facebook’s latest fake

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a 35-year-old billionaire who keeps refusing to sit in front of international parliamentarians to answer questions about his ad business’ impact on democracy and human rights around the world, has a new piece of accountability theatre to sell you: An “ 3,671 more words