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FirstMark Capital’s Matt Turck on the big data landscape

Today, the big data sector amounts to more than 7.5% of total venture investments. So where are we at in the world of big data and is the recent obsession with AI still fundamentally related to big data? 12 more words


FirstMark Capital's Matt Turck on the big data landscape

‘We are entering the most exciting time for big data’, according to Matt Turck, in our latest interview. In 2010 only 2.5% of the Series A market was committed to big data. 440 more words


Apple reportedly planning huge upgrade for Siri

”It looks like Apple is planning a huge upgrade for Siri, one that will see the voice assistant surge ahead of rivals Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Alexa, the AI behind Amazon Echo,” Harish Jonnalagadda reports for iMore. 134 more words


Why would this automotive company venture into healthcare?

Why would this automotive company venture into healthcare?

If you are wondering about which company are we referring to; it is Toyota.

Yes, Toyota has recently partnered with Dean Kamen, the inventor of Segway, human transporter, to develop intelligent wheelchairs for disabled and aged people. 226 more words

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John Robson: What happens when AI starts designing AI?

Why do we even want computers writing bodice-rippers? Won’t it help the headless robot cheetah slip its leash?

The Google Brain AI project seriously did just try writing romance novels. 834 more words

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AI & Interaction Paradigms

AI in the recent era

Roughly every ten years a new paradigm comes along that changes the way we interact with computers. It’s not the secret, what can be the next one! 451 more words


Robots add real value when working with humans, not replacing them

In the popular media, we talk a lot about robots stealing jobs. But when we stop speculating and actually look at the real world of work, the impact of advanced robotics is far more nuanced and complicated. 39 more words