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Remember Teddy, the super-computer toy, from "Artificial Intelligence?" Google might be making one

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Remember Teddy, the super-computer toy, from the 2001 film “Artificial Intelligence?” Well, Google might be making one.

Earlier this week the company filed a patent for a toy that can control other Wi-Fi-connected devices. 221 more words


Will AI be able to teach us what it learns?


If/when AI gets to the point that it is learning experimentally on it’s own, will there be a way that it can teach me? … 34 more words


Science and Society Leveraging from Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

In a Nutshell: Ex Machina

A lottery gives the programmer Caleb the unique opportunity to spend a week with the renowned programmer and AI expert Nathan. Little does he know that it will be a week-long breathtakingly dangerous AI experiment… 226 more words


How the machines will take over


With our complete and blissful cooperation. At least that’s how I would do it, if I were them.

In recent months, several prominent champions of technology — Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and Tesla founder Elon Musk among them — have declared that the greatest threat to humankind is not climate change, nuclear warfare, religious fanaticism or bacterial superbugs. 29 more words


How will we know when Artificial Intelligence forms a species?

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My @Quora answer to How will we know when Artificial Intelligence becomes alive? http://t.co/86RiWDYHHV

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