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The Bakery

A bakery (or baker’s shop or bake shop) is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food such as bread, cakes, pastries, and pies baked in an oven. 358 more words


No Reservations. The IYO Burger Experience.

There are a few things that I regret in life. I regret not keeping my Grunge oriented wardrobe inspired by Marc Jacob’s game-changing collection. I regret not having that conversation with an ex-lover which would have saved me years of issues and I regret not attending the launch of IYO Burgers a few months ago. 901 more words

Restaurant Review

Field Trip Friday At Warsaw Coffee Company!


If you are looking for a great way to start your day, I have  the perfect  place for you. Warsaw Coffee Company is now in full swing here in Fort Lauderdale, and they hit the ground running! 481 more words

Field Trip Friday!

Stephanie Powell's Baltic Kitchen

In a string of old commercial shopfronts on Alma St, San Pedro there is an artisan bakery producing specialty breads that flies under the radar of the foodie press, opens to the public just a few hours each Friday and ships to customers across the Western states. 526 more words


Come quickly, I am tasting the stars! The Bartinney Experience.

Remember that lunch I was telling you about at Schoon de Companje the other day, well it’s wonderful how Stellenbosch can really take you by surprise sometimes as you walk through the seemingly impregnable oak lined boulevards of this demi-city with a sense of nostalgia and awe at the innovation that a sleepy town can possess. 404 more words


All sorrows are less with bread, The Schoon de Companje experience.

 With perhaps one of the biggest range available in South Africa, Schoon de Companje is quite possibly the leader in terms of quality and offering within the artisanal and gourmet culinary space. 733 more words

Restaurant Review

Animals come to life in Artisan bakery

In a little alleyway not far from the historic centre of the lovely town of Rethymnon in Western Crete we discovered a lovely artisan bakery.  Squeals of delight were uttered as we came across this magical place steeped in tradition. 246 more words

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