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The clash of two professions

Works of art, more centrally and nakedly than ever before, are becoming commodities, consumer goods… Now it’s every man for himself, every tub on its own bottom. 418 more words


Fucking hell, what have I become? From lager lout to bon vivant

I was sitting with a bottle of Slovakian Fernet Stock in one hand and my tablet in the other, checking out the differences between the Stock and… 1,162 more words

Giapo - Auckland

On Queen Street in central Auckland is the ice cream shop, Giapo.

You don’t get to see the ice cream before you order it but you can taste as many as you like from the menu while you decide. 91 more words

New Zealand

I am so over word trends

I don’t know about you but I am exhausted with WORD TRENDS.  I am tired of everyone telling me that they are being their AUTHENTIC SELF, or confess about their deep dark fear of PROCRASTINATION. 453 more words

Business And Trends

An Agency's Creative Director has Launched Sustainable Fashion Line

When Allison Hayes made her first trip to India in 2012 for a friend’s wedding, she was fascinated by the exquisitely handcrafted fabrics and textiles she found there. 802 more words


The Hand Built Finn. My Sourdough Diaries.

The other day I ran out of bread. I can’t eat ‘white death’ or spongy packet bread of any colour, dosed with preservatives to make it last forever. 922 more words



I recently snagged an awesome cookbook find. (Don’t you LOVE when that happens?!!) It’s called GLUTEN-FREE ARTISAN BREAD IN 5 MINUTES A DAY. The concept of this book is super cool. 635 more words