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Studio peak

I don’t always do this but here is a peak at my temporary studio you’ll notice no giant external monitors or even a second one right now i have minimized a quick explination of the objects on the desk i have my note book of poems i write in the forest! 168 more words

Artist Statement

This website contains my portfolio from a photography class I attended during my time at Asbury University. I think my images portray what I consider to be dearest to me. 59 more words


yo give me a minute

Give me a minute i feel a painting getting completed(In reality I’ve just been ho humming over it’s completeness and it is complete for the last couple of days)…Oh shit i looks like I’m sober enough to find files in my hat lets see hear um wait i don’t know(see you need suspense people this is how they always fool you) maybe…yes….nooooo….(ok now i’m just being lazy at this point and writing crap) 33 more words


Colour Castle Bio

Originally published on Unknown Records

In a land overrun by turmoil, animosity and tyranny we accompany our young hero as he embarks on his courageous quest to spread hope to the people. 164 more words


Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser was born in New York to a Hungarian Jewish family in 1929, and is one of the greatest living designers of the twentieth century. 104 more words


Ernst Keller

Ernst Keller was one of the most important figures in the International Typographic Style movement. He lived from 1891 to 1968 and  is referred to as the “father of Swiss graphic design.” 136 more words