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Photo by Cristobal Rey

Born in South Africa in 1989, I acquired my Baccalaureus degree as Industrial Designer at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape town, 2013. 384 more words

IDES 131, #10: Cindy Sherman

The rise of cinema and Hollywood brought forth many significant changes in society, as well as an entirely new and diverse art form for people to explore: movies. 302 more words

IDES 131, #9: Roy Lichtenstein

As a comic book fan, it’s hard for me to not feel totally biased in liking Roy Lichtenstein’s work. The aesthetic appeals to me, and I think that his use of Ben Day dots in painting was absolutely brilliant. 219 more words

IDES 131, #8: Marcel Duchamp

My first experience with Marcel Duchamp was in the Art History course that I took in my first year of college. We were shown some of his works, including his infamous readymade piece, Fountain, and I just… didn’t get it. 201 more words

IDES 131, #7: Otto Dix

Otto Dix was a German painter and printmaker that was known for his brutal and honest depictions of the horrors of war and German society during the early 1900s. 318 more words

IDES 131, #6: Odilon Redon

Bertrand-Jean Redon got his pseudonym, Odilon, from a nickname inspired by his own mother’s name, Odile. It’s a rather unimportant fact, but wholesome nonetheless. ANYWAYS, Odilon was a symbolist painter and printmaker, and while researching him, I immediately fell in love with his… 370 more words

IDES 131, #5: William Blake

William Blake was a writer and artist from the 19th century, and after his death became a great influence on poetry, art and creative thinking. At a young age, he was heavily influenced by religious themes, which he carried with him for the rest of his life. 379 more words