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Handmade Art

Work That Digital Paint

Just going to post a few paintings I’ve been working on the last few days. These were done with a wacom tablet in Adobe illustrator. … 41 more words

Art Blog

Give Me A Nose to Offset This Whole Thing

I took a pretty cool picture of a portrait in the works. I’m blogging that picture because I can’t let go of that once upon a time. 140 more words

Art Blog

Digital Illustration

These digital illustrations make up a small series I created featuring a Mama Fox and her pups. This trio goes on little adventures and while her pups explore the world around them, Mama Fox keeps …

Source: Digital Illustration

Artist Blog

Muse Juice

8 o’clock coffee. Which corners to paint orange and which to leave to themselves. Lower the eyeball or make a statement with it? Grab the child before she pours milk in the couch cushions. 108 more words

Art Blog

Portraiture in Process

I’m no portrait artist. I illustrate scenes and imbed characters into their magical habitats. Ill create weird creature imaginings that prompt the question, “What was she on?” But today I will attempt a portrait. 229 more words

Art Blog

Daily Challenge - 2 Weeks In

Hi guys. I’ve decided this daily challenge update is going to be a weekly thing. It’s been a strange gloomy week.

I think this guy is done.

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