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Being an artist is a messy business 

Being an artist is a messy business, full of joy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Of Ghosts and Garnets part 1

Long ago and far away on the other side of this vast Northern Continent – lived a scrawny, filthy and always wary ginger-haired girl and her doll….Baby Ugly. 413 more words

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A nice day for a spray 

Went to Casula Tanks again felt like doing a character, it was so hot but managed to finish with a quick one with leftover cans I had lying around


Find your direction

I’ve literally struggled for YEARS to find a consistent theme to keep in my work. I know I like bright colours and that my work leans towards contemporary impressionism, but to be honest that is about it. 170 more words

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Do what you love

Art is a journey. A process, an experiment, an expectation of what the next piece will be. It’s full of emotion, self criticism, doubt, hope, joy, apathy, frustration, bliss, shame and pride. 49 more words


Art: A Natural Outcome

We will be happy if we can get around to the idea that art is not an outside and extra thing,that it is a natural outcome of a state of being; that the state of being is an important thing.. 12 more words


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