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Square Foot Number 48 (almost halfway)

Shoreline Birches Acrylic on Board I debated about putting a bow of a canoe in the for ground but decided against it.


Matching My Dress To My Art

Sometimes when it’s dull and grey outside you need to brighten up your day by matching your dress to your artwork. Never fails to cheer me up. 13 more words


When I found something within through my work.. #personal #artistblog #artworkthrorwback #artisticdiscussion #artistphilosophy

~ Being a fine artist and having music in blood ( percussion ) I’ve always believed that there’s a rhythm to life. This is piece I created many years ago *Boy did I have to dig it up..lol. 172 more words

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Art in the Medical Field

While stressing about getting good grades in pre-req classes as well as hours from volunteering and from working, I find drawing to be my ultimate stress reliever aside from exercising. 612 more words


Donate Your Voice To Someone Who Needs One

As someone who is so fascinated with English voice actors, I stumbled upon an opportunity that the Great Yuri Lowenthal (English dub VA of Sasuke Uchiha by the way) has presented via Twitter and Facebook: a voice drive. 342 more words


Creative Writing Group Session - July 2015 "Things I dislike..." by Karen Robinson

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My Creative Writing Group Sessions always leave me feeling like I have taken a little journey into a new world of endless possibilities, a world where it can be of utter truths or pure fantasies.  824 more words

Karen Robinson