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Saturated Skies | Painting Happiness

I love to paint what happiness feels like to me. Bright, intense and full of technicolour. My latest painting on the easel this week ☺ 9 more words


The Daily Stuggles Of An Artist

It is a daily struggle having SO MANY colours to choose from and so little time to use them all! Sometimes I think it would be extremely handy to have either more time in the day or more arms to paint with…. 6 more words


Art Therapy Group Session Five - August 2015 "Commencement of Group Project" by Karen Robinson

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Today was our fifth group art therapy session and consisted of the commencement of a group project which took up the whole of this particular session’s given time span.  876 more words

Karen Robinson

A New Perspective

I’m currently working on this painting. Whilst I began with bundles of enthusiasm for a moment I seemed to have hit a wall with where I wanted to take the piece. 154 more words


Be Impulsive

So this is how some of my paintings begin. Scribbled, impulsive bursts of colour! It’s always fun to start a new painting and just be a passive observer of the process. 39 more words


Skull 2: Finished

Hi All,

Overall I’m pretty pleased :) The quality of the skull drawing in this one is much better than my last – I’m going to keep the technique I used. 33 more words


Paint Yourself Happy

I’m pleased to say that my new website is up and running! For someone who is relatively technologically handicapped, and who lives on a farm with Internet the speed of an asthmatic snail I am very pleased with the results!! 75 more words