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A new card is going out into the world for November.  No picture today because I’ve managed to lock myself out of my email account and I’m just not in the mood to deal with customer service reps, the computer or much of anything else. 259 more words

Art Card

What's Important & How to Count It

I wanted to pop in for a moment and share a lightbulb moment that I had this morning.  A bright idea, you might say.

I was sharing some cards that I worked on last night and happened to notice the number that was on the back.  358 more words

Art Card

All Ready to Go

Lots of birds are made!

All the various bits and pieces gathered in one place…ready to start the assembly process!

Art Card


So, the surprise/gift/hand-made “thing” is happening.  I’ve figured out what I’m making and have all the stuff I need.  I’ve had some folks sign up and am prepared if a sudden stampede of excited readers throw their name and address into the fray. 203 more words