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Goodbye old friend

Yesterday as I wandered around the Park I visited one of my favourite places, a rather wild area with a very old Elderberry tree in it. 146 more words

Unspoken - visual narratives

‘Unspoken’ is a first year Illustration project inspired by the Impressionist Room at the Scottish National Gallery. Students were each assigned a painting from the room and asked to create a three piece sequential, wordless narrative based on their research; this included a detailed study of the artwork on location as well as more background research into the artist and his times. 184 more words

Artist in residence

Who: Your workplace has at least one artist on staff, I’m sure of it… They’re masquerading as administrators by day and are living lives of artistry, creativity, and expression by night! 161 more words

Employee Engagement

Melvyn Evans SGFA at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

by Melvyn Evans SGFA

At the beginning of this year I was invited to take part in an exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The new work for the exhibition would be a continuation of a series of prints looking at the symbolism of the Celtic head, the Celtic belief the head was the seat of the soul, as in the Mabinogion’s tale of ‘Bran the Blessed’. 479 more words

Artist's Proof

Bathtime in the gravel garden

The other day I took a lot of shots of Hotham Park’s Crows but was amused by their antics in the gravel garden where they have their own private jacuzzi, ┬áprivate that is except for paparazzi like me.

"Bognor Regis"

There's gold in that there Park

A couple of days ago I posted plein-air pastel sketches. I usually  take a few photos too. The frosts and wind will soon put an end to the show but if you are prepared to look in some of the hidden places gold can still be found.

"Bognor Regis"