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Fascinating Things : Issue 05

There’s a degree of fuss being made about a band called Lake Malawi, and to their credit they have put together a small video to introduce themselves, which saves me having to do a lot of writing. 1,292 more words

Music Diary

Sakura Gakuin?


Ngomong-ngomong ini post pertama gua setelah hampir satu semester (atau lebih). Jadi mohon maaf kalau blognya uda berdebu. *kibas kemoceng* *batuk-batuk*

Kali ini gua bakalan cerita tentang grup yang liriknya gua coba artiin di beberapa pos sebelumnya. 453 more words

The Studeo Articles #2 : Moff Skellington - Eddodi For Beginners

Around five years ago I was introduced to a particular form of strange and wonderful music and word play called Edoddi as practised by the poet, musician and artist Moff Skellington. 2,243 more words

Moff Skellington

The Studeo Articles #1 - Monkeys In Love

Following the decision to close the Studeo Blog I am copying over some the articles that appeared on that site. First up an overview and interview with Monkeys in Love which was originally published in November 2014. 1,179 more words

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Introducing Alana Bondi......



German Shepherd Records

9 January 2015

The debut single from Welsh songstress Alana Bondi appears this Friday via Amazon and I-Tunes courtesy of German Shepherd Records. 995 more words

Single Review