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Fascinating Things : Issue 65

It’s usually ¬†quite quiet in June, not this year, with a raft of new things worthy of your aural consideration.

To kick off a few things from the north of England which caught my ear: 893 more words

Moff Skellington

Fascinating Things : Issue 62

in And the summer rolls in with it’s misery inducing mix of ridiculous heat and torrential rain, there’s quite a lot going on but frankly I can’t be bothered getting out of my sweat soaked chair to attend. 892 more words


A Young Persons Guide to Staggs

With the release of a new double A side single this Friday it seems timely to focus on the work to date of the mighty… 537 more words

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Fascinating Things : Issue 57

I was engaged in one of those “list your ten favourite albums without thinking about it too much” things on Facebook the other day and I asked a like minded group of souls to do the same thing, as you do. 1,398 more words

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Right Place, Wrong Time

Disambiguation warning : This is not about the American Indie Rock Band The Dodos but their precursors, a band from Manchester, UK.

Manchester. 1981

Working in the city centre was a dour affair. 1,369 more words

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North Atlas

North Atlas are a Scottish electronic rock band, based in Glasgow. Formed in late 2015 the group comprises of the two Hunter brothers, with Scandinavian roots, and two members from central Scotland with a background in heavy rock. 130 more words

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What's In A Name?

Franco Bandini

2014 was a bad year

German Shepherd

23rd October 2015

It’s a strange old world. Full of coincidences and serendipity. Packed full of highs and lows, sideways steps and reversals. 3,018 more words

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