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August 7 - Fans Were Hooked On The Feeling Of Thomas' Songs

Happy 78th birthday to one of the defining voices of the late-’60s and ’70s, a man who (to quote allmusic ) managed to successfully “straddle the line between pop/rock and country” – B.J. 653 more words

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August 7 - Gee, They Were Around Bee-fore Disco?

Though they’re remembered as the undisputed Kings of Disco, the Bee Gees started out as a soft rock, harmony-laden outfit. They scored their first #1 hit in the U.S. 193 more words

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August 6 - Seger Shakes Down Competition From Top

Charts can create funny anomalies. Some weeks of course, many records may sell a ton, others may be slow sales weeks. That in mind, on this day in 1987 Bob Seger had his only U.S. 207 more words

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Top Artists Profiles: Illustrator Gabriella Marsh - "Sublime Lines"

Gabriella Marsh is a freelance designer, illustrator and animator based in London. She loves drawing, painting and all things hand rendered so all work begins on paper before being set on the computer, tidied up and make to move. 20 more words

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August 5 - Stones Didn't Miss With Disco Foray

Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you can at least get them to put a new spin on the old ones. Or at least you could the Rolling Stones as they forged on well into their second decade. 473 more words

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August 4 - Forgotten Gems : Grant Lee Buffalo

Sometimes the stars are up there but just don’t quite align properly for an artist. Such seems the case with Grant Lee Phillips and his band Grant Lee Buffalo. 588 more words

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August 3 - Stevie Wondered About The Nation

He was, and remains, a wonder. The great Stevie Wonder put out his highly-regarded Innervisions album this day in 1973. Stevie was by that time an almost-household name and a ten-year veteran of the music scene despite only being 23. 532 more words

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