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Artist profile: Maria Sibylla Merian

Remember the insects and plants Shin Saimdang painted in Korea? Around a hundred years later, in Germany, lived another excellent woman painter of insect and botanical life, Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717). 806 more words

Artist Profiles

Catherine Newton

Describe your artmaking practice.

I am a person who loves to make, try out new ideas, push boundaries and experiment. This has led me to some fascinating failures but also great results, for example using a 3D printer to print a glass object. 824 more words

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Wayne Creaser

Describe your artmaking practice.

My artmaking practice predominantly involves designing and making unique functional furniture, preferably showcasing Australian grown timbers. 632 more words

Artist Profiles

Jo Victoria

Describe your artmaking practice.

Extreme porcelain! Working with nature, using nature in porcelain and experimenting with what’s left in the porcelain clay body after the organic material has burnt out in the firing process. 550 more words

Artist Profiles

Artist profiles: Dryden Goodwin

In the Guardian Guide to Drawing Goodwin says he believes “drawing is about how the mind processes what the eye sees”. This intrigued me as I think with my recent abstract pastels I find drawing to be about how the mind processes what the heart and mind feels. 318 more words

Foundation In Drawing

Hunnid, born Kelvin Jacobs and raised in Chicago by his single-parent mother,  he is continuously raising the bar higher for himself. As a one-man army he is on a devoted mission to be the voice for those who are often silenced.  

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On Thursday, June 1st, producers TayMasterChef and LORDFUBU released a collaborative tape, featuring six #dingers. TAYMASTERFUBU is a combination of both rhythmic melody and innovative drum patterns, creating an ultimately authentic sound and marking an iconic milestone in the hip-hop producer spectrum. 734 more words