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New Antitrust Chief's Comments (Positively) Complicate Songwriter Calculus on MMA

Is Assistant Attorney General Antitrust Makan Delrahim songwriters’ new best friend? 

Other than Chris Castle at MusicTechPolicy no one in music business seems to have noticed that the Makan Delrahim the new DOJ antitrust chief is suggesting ending many (if not all) so-called “consent decrees.”  Consent decrees are a kind of regulatory supervision imposed by the DOJ in lieu of prosecuting firms for anti-competitive behavior.   1,614 more words

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Professor Michael Geist's Fingerprints are on Bogus Human Rights Claim Against Canada.

Yesterday I published an article detailing the Human Rights complaint against Canada by David Kaye a so-called “UN Rapporteur for Freedom of expression.”  While citizens of authoritarian governments worldwide are subject to restraints on freedom of expression, Professor David Kaye decided the four alarm fire for freedom of expression is a rather modest proposal to block pirate websites under Canadian national law.   247 more words

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Gone Phishing: UN "Official" Uses Lookalike Website in Attempt to Block Anti-Piracy Law

David Kaye’s Fancy stationery.

David Kaye is a professor of law at University of California Irvine. He is also some sort of low grade UN Human rights official. 1,296 more words

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Did you hear the one about Bono?

Bono, you know the singer in U2.  Also a venture capitalist.

Anyway this is a joke that has been floating around the music business since probably the early 1990s.   468 more words

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Spotify Is Deeply Integrated With Facebook: How Safe is Your Streaming Data?

Spotify is stalking you (advertising campaign image by Spotify)

The public has woken up to the fact that Facebook is a spying and privacy violating machine.   420 more words

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Latest Draft of the Music Modernization Act

The 2nd Draft of Music Modernization Act 3/22/18 was released publicly today.  We are reviewing and will post comments in the coming days.

The first thing I noticed is that the tragic demonstration of the raw lobbying power of Big Tech: The litigation reach back safe harbor seems to still be in there which is designed to deny due process and other Constitutional protections to songwriters whose works are infringed prior to the enactment of the Music Modernization Act. 23 more words

Music Modernization Act

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FYI everyone. Latest draft of the Music Modernization Act is available here.

Can Blocking Ads Help Artists? Should Artists Encourage Fans to Block Ads?

Rates are “all in” at source.  Calculations based on royalty statements from a catalogue of 1500 titles 2014.  Exception is Pandora which was calculated from 2nd quarter 2015 statements (higher than 2014).   1,966 more words

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I posted this article in 2015. But it is perhaps more relevant today. Ad supported streaming services rely on packaging and selling user's personal information. Ad supported streaming underpays artists. Artists and consumers interests are completely aligned. Subscription services pay artists better and don't need to compromise consumer privacy. #DeleteTheFreeTier