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Questions for the International Music Managers Forum

Billboard reports that the International Music Managers Forum has more than the usual helping of sanctimony about the terms of Spotify’s deal with Sony (and by inference all other major labels).   368 more words

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Google Proxies Double Down on Piracy AND Child Prostitution

Where do we even begin?

Google anti-copyright proxies Electronic Frontier Foundation and Center For Democracy and Technology file amicus briefs in support of defendants in Backpages Child Prostitution case. 418 more words

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UN Airlifts Calculators, Clues to The Verge: $25 Million is Tiny Advance and @Verge Missed Real Story

Norwegian UN Peacekeeper reacts to news that The Verge thinks $25 million dollar advance for streaming rights to 25% of music market is a lot of money.  373 more words

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Did Spotify Leak Their Own Contract With Sony?

Just think about this.

This document was scanned 13 days ago?!  If The Verge scanned this document why did they wait so long to “break” the story? 244 more words

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Verge Leak Shows How Sony Let Spotify Get Off Cheap

More on this later, but The Verge leaked the 2011 license between Spotify and Sony Music.  Considering the source, we have to assume that the Verge intended to make Sony look bad, but here’s the reality:  The total advances for 3 years that Spotify committed to pay to Sony was $42.5 million.   415 more words

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Hello, European Commission: Spotify admits to dominating global music subscriptions

Spotify’s A Dominant Player in the Relevant Market

There’s all kinds of rumors going around about the European Commission investigating whether major labels have somehow conspired with Apple to hurt Spotify and YouTube (owned by Spotify board member Google).   656 more words

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Stockholm Syndrome: Do DC and LA Insiders Really Think Artists Need to Demonstrate They Can Work With Google?

We’ve now heard this rumor from multiple sources and we believe it to be accurate:

There is an idea going around in Washington DC (and LA) that somehow “the music industry” (whoever that is) needs to find a project to work on with Google to show congress that we can all get along. 647 more words

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