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Mark Zuckerberg's Kremlin "Investors"

The “Paradise Papers” reveal that Facebook took approximately $200 million of cash investment from the Kremlin.  This huge chunk of cash came from the Kremlin’s VTD Bank was “funneled through DST Global”, an investment vehicle owned by oligarch Yuri Millner (known as “космонавт” loosely translated as “the spaceman”).   817 more words

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We'd be happy to paid in Rubles, Zuck. Just license our music you fucking deadbeat.

Content Creators Coalition Nails It With New YouTube Ads #updatetheDMCA

Share these with your friends.   Two new videos from Content Creator Coalition succinctly explain the problem with YouTube for artists.  These videos will help civilians understand the fundamental unfairness of existing regulations. 86 more words

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Who You Gonna Call? University of Georgia Terry College Artists' Rights Symposium Jan 22-23

asAnnouncing the inaugural Artists Rights Symposium hosted by The Music Business Certificate Program, Terry College at University of Georgia Jan 22-23.   The symposium is free and open to the public but seats are limited.   346 more words

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Successes in Artist and Songwriter Advocacy Show the Importance of Fighting Back

“Why does Rice play Texas?”

President John F. Kennedy, Sept. 12, 1962, Rice University

It should be clear by now that when it comes to sheer lobbying power expressed in terms of money and access, Big Tech has put the creative community up against it.   517 more words

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Great overview of the last few years of artists rights advocacy! Important and timely I urge everyone to read this.

Once Again @Alalibrary Have No Dog in Fight but Come out Against Authors on Copyright Small Claims

Dear Google…er…uh-I mean American Library Association:

Really?  The American Library Association and it’s members are really gonna be impacted by a voluntary “small claims” copyright court?   288 more words

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If Google Claims It Is a Publisher and Search Results Are Its Own Speech Then Isn’t Google Illegally Favoring Youtube?

A Google Search for Ringo Starr’s “It Don’t Come Easy” returns a YouTube video as top result.  Try it at home but our experience shows for nearly any song the first result is a YouTube video.   346 more words

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