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The Bipartisan Classics Act Is Ready For Prime Time: Time to fix Pre 1972 Loophole

Issa (R-CA) and Nadler (D-NY) sponsored the Classics Act in the house. 

Artists that had the misfortune to record before 1972 do not get royalties for the public performance of their recordings on satellite and non-interactive streaming services.   173 more words

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With US Tanks Massed on Canadian Border Law Prof Michael Geist Saves Canada by Sacrificing Canadian Artists/Culture

What’s that? …. There are no tanks?…. Oh….So Canada’s most “internet famous” copyright law professor Michael “Neville Chamberlain” Geist is simply selling out Canadian artists for no apparent reason?!? 418 more words

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Historic Coalition of 213 Musical Artists Calls on Congress to Pass CLASSICS Act

The 1976 copyright act federalized copyrights for post 1972 sound recordings.  Sound recordings made pre-1972  were covered and remain covered by state copyright laws.  The 1976 act did not strip the works of copyright protection.   556 more words

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The Spy Who Consulted Them: A Closer Look at Lawbytes, Inc. f/s/o Michael Geist

If you follow what passes for intellectual property policy “debate” online, you will no doubt have heard the anti-copyright amen chorus warming up about the lack of public consultation in the negotiation of the Anticounterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA. 1,122 more words

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Meanwhile in Canada...another unaccountable law professor, Michael Geist appears to be running interference for U.S. Tech Firms as Canada considers home grown anti-piracy legislation. Fortunately Chris Castle at Music Tech Policy (and others) have done some excellent reporting on the Geist over the years. We are gonna rerun a few of these articles over the next few weeks so that it is clear to Canadian artists the ethical and intellectual makeup of this fellow. Lets start with the mysterious no bid government contracts he received for even more mysterious work. From 2010:

#TeamArtistsRights: Here's Our Trophy!

We’ve had a fantastic year. Everyone on #TeamArtistsRights has worked so hard. I’m proud of each and every one of you. Here’s a trophy!   Yay!

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Songwriters Guild of North America Negotiates Changes to MMA to Increase Songwriter Representation

We are pleased to see that the conversations between Rick Carnes (SGA) and Rep Doug Collins that began at University of Georgia Artists Rights Symposium has resulted in improvement to the representation of songwriters on the board proposed in the Music Modernization Act.   753 more words

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The Restatement Scandal: The Futility of False "Unity"

Who ever thought that the American Law Institute–of all places–would become the center of a corruption scandal over–of all things–its “Restatement of the Law” series.  Chances are good that MTP readers outside of the legal profession have no bloody idea what a “Restatement” is and will sleep well in that knowledge deficit.   1,863 more words

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Chris Castle has some excellent analysis of the ALI copyright restatement project as well as some other recent ALI restatements. Hew writes: However, there appears to be a trend at the ALI to trade on the “Restatement” series to provide a vehicle through which those who control the pen in drafting new versions of old Restatements and new Restatements on new topics can try to change the law to what the drafter thinks it ought to be rather than a tool for practitioners to quickly learn what the “black letter law” is. This is a way to make an end run around the democratic process to deny voters and their elected representatives their proper role. What’s different is the potential for the moral hazard of astroturfing making it more important than ever to know who is behind the pen.