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ISIS "National Anthem" Lyrics Brought to You By Proud Sponsor @MountainDew

Mountain Dew banner and video ad served up by one of the ad networks in the box in the lower right corner.  According to The Guardian in the UK this is the “national anthem” of Islamic State. 7 more words

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Is Google Violating US Treasury Department Terror Fundraising Sanctions?

Google and the slippery slope of advertising on rogue sites:  It may have started with “a little” funding of organized copyright infringement but it’s gonna end with investigations into violations of terror funding laws.   429 more words

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Timely Reprint: Do You Want Your Music Alongside Hate Rock Songs? Artist Face YouTube Music Dilemma

I light of the Google/YouTube boycott by brands whose ads have appeared next to hate speech.  We thought we’d reprint this piece from November 2014!! 62 more words

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Walmart, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Procter and Gamble and GM Are All Now Boycotting Google Over Extremist Videos

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Walmart, Pepsi and GM have joined the Google advertising boycott over extremist videos and hate speech.

See story: 7 more words

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Following the Money: Solutions for Google's Problems with Defrauded Advertisers

Americans are freedom loving people, and nothing says freedom like getting away with it…

From Long, Long Time written by Guy Forsyth

Google’s UK Policy Manager Theo Bertram advised in 2012–“ 845 more words

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davidclowery reblogged this on The Trichordist and commented:

Music Tech Solutions makes a good point. Where does the money go? And shouldn't the advertisers be entitled to a full refund? And what about the shadowy groups that distribute this content? What sort of laws are violated going into business with these groups?

Google Can't Even Keep Their Own Ads off Hezbollah YouTube Channel

This is your brand.  This is your brand on YouTube violating the patriot act.  Screenshot courtesy GIPEC

Google can’t even keep its own ads off of the Hezbollah channel.   42 more words

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AT&T and Verizon Join YouTube Advertising Boycott, Is Fiat-Chrysler Next? @auto_alliance

Ali Barakat is like the Justin Bieber of Hezbollah.  Last I checked Hezbollah (or Hizballah) were still listed as a terrorist organization by the US Government.   363 more words

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