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A Declaration of Principles for an Ethical and Sustainable Internet

Originally written and posted in 2012, here again for your July 4th weekend…

Technology may change but principles do not. A society that encourages the creative spirit is rare in history and worth defending. 1,215 more words

Artist Rights

Millennials vs the Punk Rock Generation: APM's Marketplace accidentally illustrates absurdity

Someone has to say this. Might as well be me.

Punk Rock Generation: We rebelled by protesting wars, dictatorships, apartheid, government corruption, the military industrial complex, polluting corporations, the christian right,  the draft, nuclear power, the slaughter of sea mammals, and even other punk rockers.   321 more words

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Save the Date, July 8 at @thecsusa in Austin: Panel on the New Grassroots, #irespectmusic and the Fair Play Fair Pay Act


The Copyright Society of the USA Texas Chapter and the Austin Bar Association Entertainment & Sports Law Section have are co-sponsoring a panel with Chris Castle and Austin manager Ray Flowers with this title that pretty much sums it up: 82 more words

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Breaking: Source Claims Spotify & Google Fund "Independent" Music Managers Forum and Featured Artist Coalition

Image courtesy Digital Music News.  See full DMN story here.

Music Managers Forum and its sister organization The Featured Artist Coalition are two UK based organizations that purport to advocate for managers and artists. 777 more words

Artist Rights

New Study Explains Why YouTube is Always at the Top of Google Search Results

For years now–since Imeem days at least–I’ve been wondering why it is that the top videos in Google search results were always from YouTube (or from Vevo through YouTube).  409 more words

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David Discusses NPR's Membership in the MIC Coalition with Adam Ragusea on The Current

One Of These Things Is Not Like the Others

We’ve taken National Public Radio to task for joining the “MIC Coalition” (or as we call it the “McCoalition”), a group of megacorporations and lobbying groups formed to oppose the Fair Play Fair Pay Act.  344 more words

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What's Next for Daniel Ek? Wherever he is, he's not in Kansas anymore.

After pulling out all the stops in the smear campaign against Apple, the Spotify/Google juggernaut got a pause this week courtesy of @taylorswift13.  Mr. Ek–and potentially the entire ad-supported business model touted by The Man 2.0–may need some help.  946 more words

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Spotify is in the Advertising Business First... and the Music Business Maybe...