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The Queen of Denial: Be Careful or Rachel Whetstone Will Clap You in Irons

The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.

H.L. Mencken

You may have read one of many, many recent news articles about an internal Federal Trade Commission report about the Google antitrust investigation released by the FTC under a Freedom of Information Act request by the Wall Street Journal.   1,336 more words

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Sleeping Through a Revolution - Jonathan Taplin [VIDEO]

This presentation by Jonathan Taplin at the Annenberg Innovation Lab breaks it all down. Required Viewing.

Also in case you missed it, please watch this video by Chris Ruen, author of the book FREELOADING. 9 more words

Artist Rights

Spotify is the Problem, Not Labels. (Well, Mostly...)

There is a narrative that keeps getting repeated by Spotify apologists and propagandists. It goes something like this, “The problem is not that Spotify pays too little to artists it’s that record labels are not paying the artists their fair share of royalties from Spotify.” Ha! 684 more words

Artist Rights

Another Indie Label Sells Out Artists: This Time It's My Own Euro Label Cooking Vinyl

It is with great sadness that I see Martin Goldschmidt of Cooking Vinyl resort to demagoguery in the debate about Spotify. Defending Spotify n the Wall Street Journal he says… 90 more words

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Must Read Op-Ed by AFM President Ray Hair Lays it Down on the Shadowy Naxos Deal with Pandora

As we posted, there are very few details about the recent direct deal between Naxos Records and Pandora.  The two big points that aren’t getting discussed… 407 more words

Artist Rights

Who benefits from ad supported streaming? Three guesses.

What do you pay for when you pay for a subscription to an ad supported service like Spotify or Pandora?  It stops being ad supported.  So who benefits from that?   715 more words

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