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Five Lies In YouTube's Spin on Content ID

An increasing number of artists are stepping forward to condemn YouTube’s sleazy business practices ranging from YouTube’s improbable royalty payments to Google’s legacy DMCA notice and shakedown business practices.   1,974 more words

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This was from June of last year. But it's as accurate as ever considering YouTube's latest smokescreen!

Google Fingerprints on John Oliver's GoFCCYourself Website? Why? Also Why Are Cyber-Libertarians Bankrolling the Whole Thing?

What’s wrong with this picture?

GoFCCYourself.com is the website that John Oliver used to flood the FCC Net Neutrality consultation page  with comments.  Purportedly his action brought  the FCC website down.   743 more words

Artist Rights

What's the Deal with the Tech Dirt T-shirt? Protecting the 1st Amendment!

I feel that I didn’t make this clear enough at the beginning, so let me be absolutely clear.

I am wearing this Tech Dirt T-shirt on stage as much as possible because I sincerely believe that Tech Dirt and Mike Masnick are being unfairly sued.   174 more words

Artist Rights

Are Moves By FCC Chief Ajit Pai on Net Neutrality Good for Copyright Holders?

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai proposes rick rolling back FCC regulation, and this may be good for copyright holders.

A few years ago I was one of a number of artists that signed onto a petition to strengthen net neutrality. 899 more words

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The Politics of Librarians

The lopsided vote this week on HR 1695 (the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act) invites an explanation (378-48).  Some people were surprised by just how few votes the opposition got but the spread in our office pool was at least 300 voting “yes”.   643 more words

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Castle makes an excellent point here. The entire Google/Soros funded anti-copyright astroturf industrial complex is dead. Did they overplay their hand? Sure, the orchestrated attacks on the Register of Copyrights by groups like Public Knowledge and FreePress.net followed by her apparent unlawful constructive termination by the newly appointed Librarian of Congress (herself a former Open Society Foundation board member) would suggest they did overplay a bit. But ultimately I think Castle is right. The main reason that they lost is that there is a sea change on Capitol Hill: No one is afraid of Google and their pathetic astroturf groups anymore.

Content Creators Coalition Responds To Rep. Zoe Lofgren’s Attack on Goodlatte and Conyers

I want to call your attention to a letter by members of the Content Creators Coalition regarding the Copyright Office.  First, a little context.

In case you missed it, Rep. 3,058 more words

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This may seem down in the weeds, but it's worth the read. Basically Rep Zoe Lofgren the congresswoman from Silicon Valley, tried to suggest that race/gender is playing a role in efforts to split the Copyright Office from the Library of Congress. Dr Carla Hayden the Librarian is black. However this has prompted a sharp response from the Content Creators Coalition to the Congressional Black Caucus: "As artists of color, we find it deeply offensive that opponents of this bill have attempted to recast their anti-creators’ rights goals into a smear campaign against its sponsors and supporters, insinuating that the legislation is about the race and gender of the current Librarian of Congress. " Read more below.

#irespectmusic and #savesoho Join Forces in London, Tuesday, April 18!

BBC 6 Music’s Matt Everitt hosts this very special event.

The Save Soho pop-up venue returns to The Union Club for a special meeting bewteen two artists, both well known for their activism in the music sector. 94 more words

#irespectmusic Campaign

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This is fantastic. Blake Morgan #IRespectMusic and Tim Arnold Founder of #SaveSoho join forces in Soho (London) for panel hosted by BBC 6's Matt Everitt.