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@katenash: Royalty Deadbeat Snapchat Gets big billions for valuation, but has no licenses?

Hi @Snapchat Do you pay ppl for the use of their work? Been off a record label now for 5 years. Is this legal? I should be paid PLS RETWEET…

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Kate Nash goes after SnapChat, cause just like TheZuck/Facebook apparently SnapChat has no licenses. Must be nice to be a Silicon Valley Billionaire. You just don't have to follow the rules that the rest of  us have to follow. It really is torches and pitchforks time.

Library Policy Hacks Continue to Alienate Author Allies, While Sucking Up to Silicon Valley

UK authors launch nationwide protests to save libraries. When was the last time Silicon Valley billionaires and media pirates marched to prevent library closures? Yet public policy arms of library organizations are now reliably allied against authors, while standing with pirates and silicon valley on copyright matters. 1,442 more words

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An Independent Copyright Office! Radical Copyleft and @ALALibrary Overreach Backfires

Reps Marino, Chu and Comstock just released text to house bill that would make the Copyright Office (mostly) independent from the Library of Congress.  This is a good thing for authors, photographers, filmmakers and songwriters. 602 more words

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Forget PewDiePie YouTube Still Hosts 100s of Hate Rock Bands

Neo Nazi bands like Weisse Wölfe have large followings on YouTube.   Comments sections for these videos are used for recruitment and organizing by neo Nazi groups. 175 more words

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Google Puts PewDiePie on "Double Secret Probation" for Antisemitism

Fact check:  As of 1:09 pm EDT PewDiePie original content is still on YouTube Red Premium subscription service.  PewDiePie show is also being promoted on the YouTube red original content home page. 176 more words

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Should Artists Tell Labels to Pull Their Videos? YouTube Continues Ties With PewDiePie Even After "Death To All Jews" Video

Disney severs ties, but YouTube continues to host support and promote PewDiePie’s Videos on YouTube and the subscription YouTube Red service. 

While much has been made of the Disney severing its relationship with YouTube star PewDiePie after his series of what most are calling anti-Semitic videos, few have said anything about the fact that YouTube seems to be  500 more words

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Songwriters File Motion to Proceed in Constitutional Lawsuit Against DOJ on 100% Licensing

Incoming Trump Administration DOJ officials have to deal with the mess that revolving door Silicon Valley lawyers left over at the antitrust division:  A constitutional challenge to the 100% licensing rule forced on songwriters, and all those damn feral cats that Litigation Section III was feeding. 252 more words

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