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On The Other Hand #4: Unlike YouTube at least Spotify Doesn't Broadcast ISIS Terror Videos

While artists focus on the paltry payouts from Spotify,  we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that YouTube ALSO aids terror groups in spreading terror by hosting ISIS beheading videos.   112 more words

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Google Admits to Taking Down 180 Million Infringing Videos from YouTube in 2014 Alone

If you follow the Google Transparency Report, you will have seen this official Google description of what the report measures:

Google regularly receives requests from copyright owners and reporting organizations that represent them to remove…

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We Were Right, CMA and Billboard Were Wrong On Streaming Cannibalization.

It’s illogical Captain. Why would people buy what they already get for free?   

It’s just math folks.  Nothing personal.  We were right. You were wrong. … 209 more words

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Liar Liar Streams On Fire #5: Pandora is Wildly Profitable, Can Afford to Pay Artists

“The sleep of reason produces monsters”-Goya

By the end of 2015 Pandora Executives  and Investors will have sucked nearly 1/2 a billion dollars in “stock compensation” out of the company.   194 more words

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Liar Liar Streams On Fire #4: Percentage of College Students Buying Zero Music Rises Dramatically

We’ve got data.  Lots of data.  We have two different consumption surveys of college students and one of the broader population.  We’ve also got the details of 2014 digital revenues from a moderately sized independent catalogue. 378 more words

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Streaming Is the Future, Spotify Is Not. Let's talk Solutions.

It’s not that streaming can’t work. It can. It’s that Spotify is a bad business model that has unsustainable economics and exploits artists because it is a wall street financial instrument and not a music company. 826 more words

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We ran this back in October. It's totally relevant again. You want solutions? We got them.