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Spotify IPO Watch: Blame ≠ Profit — Music Tech Solutions

A combination of factors have gotten Spotify where it is now. Market conditions, bad management, arrogance, stiffing songwriters and getting too big, too fast. Until all those things change to one degree or another, it’s likely that the Spotify IPO myth will remain just that.

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"Progressive" Zephyr Teachout's Financial Ties to Pirate Party and Bitcoin Promoters

Earlier in the summer we reported heavily on the democratic candidate for NY-19 congressional seat Zephyr Teachout.  In particular we were very interested in her role as director of… 371 more words

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The MTP Podcast: Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley of SONA and David Lowery talk to Chris Castle on DOJ’s “Union Busting” Gambit Against Songwriters — MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY

In an explosive conversation, Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley talk with David Lowery and Chris Castle about Songwriters of North America, their experiences with lawyers from the Department of Justice Antitrust Division in the lead-up to the DOJ’s decision on “100% licensing,” and disingenuous behavior by the government’s lawyers that crossed the line into “union busting.”

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Euro Perspective on Outdated DMCA: Cycling on the Autobahn

Cycling on the Autobahn

Would you cycle on a busy motorway? Probably not – and in most jurisdictions, you would promptly be arrested if you did.

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Guest Post by Stephen Carlisle: ASCAP and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DOJ Decision That’s Going to Create Chaos in the Music Industry

My previous blog post detailed all the reasons why the U.S. Department of Justice could not do what it had announced it was going to do: rule without any hearing, court order or rule-making procedure that ASCAP and BMI were required to engage in 100% licensing.  3,371 more words

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Watch this Space: MTP Podcast on 100% Licensing with Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley of Songwriters of North America, David Lowery, Chris Castle coming soon — Artist Rights Watch

Next week we will continue discussion of the Department of Justice ruling on 100% licensing and partial withdrawals from the songwriter’s point of view. Participants will be songwriters Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley of Songwriters of North America, David Lowery and Chris Castle.

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Curious Departures from DOJ Antitrust: Off to the GOOLAG?

Two vacancies near the top DOJ antitrust division give former Google lawyer Renata Hesse direct control of antitrust oversight of Google.

There is a tendency in the waning months of a two term presidency for political allies to cash in their favors; push through favorable rules and regulations; and set the clock ticking on those high paying private sector revolving door jobs. 311 more words

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