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What's Worse Than Being a Poor Loser @PamelaSamuelson? Being A Poor Winner.

Pamela Samuelson: Poor Whinny er
More evidence this is a Google coup.   The ever fucking classy Google fan girl Pamela Samuelson on Maria Pallante’s firing.  Here she is gloating over the firing of Register of Copyrights.   55 more words

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Google and Public Knowledge Coup, Register of Copyrights Fired, Dark Days Ahead

Songwriters, performers, authors and creators meet your new copyright overlord: Eric Schmidt of Google. 

These are dark days for all creators and copyright holders.  After a two month campaign by Google funded astroturf group Public Knowledge, the newly appointed librarian of congress Carla Hayden (herself a Schmidt/Soros acolyte) has fired Maria Pallante the register of copyright.   441 more words

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@davidmross: @mikehuppe: Standing Up For The Value Of Music — Artist Rights Watch

During the following interview, held at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, we covered a variety of topics such as what Huppe calls the AM/FM Artist Loophole, the DMCA Safe “Ocean,” internet enabled auto dashboards and the organization’s new ISRC online […]

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Save the Date! Oct 13 in LA MUSIC 2020 Panel at @AIMPorg

I’m looking forward to participating on a great panel on fixing our future in the music business, moderated by the brilliant Dr. Gigi Johnson, founder and executive director of the UCLA Center for Music Innovation.

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The Facebook Problem

As David noted, a post in Digital Music News about DMCA notices sent to Facebook simply got it entirely wrong.  The real issue is that Facebook has been getting away with incentivizing (also called inducing) its users to make illegal copies of recordings, has looked down its billionaire noses at artist rights, and actually sells artist names as advertising keywords.   739 more words

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David Benjamin (UMG) Stands up to Facebook for Songwriters, Ari Herstand? Not So Much

I don’t know David Benjamin (Universal Music), but he’s a hero to all songwriters. Making the billionaire robber barons at Facebook pay a licensing fee for use of songwriters’ songs is only fair. 189 more words

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Big Tech’s Latest Artist Relations Debacle: Mass Filings of NOIs to Avoid Paying Statutory Royalties (Part 3) — Music Tech Solutions

As we saw in parts 1 and 2 of this post, New Boss companies like Google are playing on a loophole in the Copyright Act’s compulsory license for songs to shirk responsibility for song licensing from the songwriters or other copyright owners, get out of paying royalties and stop songwriters from auditing.

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