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World Watch: The Safe Harbor Loophole and the Internet of Other People's Things

“Americans are freedom loving people and nothing says ‘freedom’ like getting away with it.”

From Long, Long Time by Guy Forsyth.

How many times have you heard the expression, “DMCA license”?   1,259 more words

Not So Fast Pandora: Second Circuit Court of Appeals Omission Could Mean Pandora Interactive

In the last 3 years Pandora has done just about everything it could to lower payments to songwriters and performers.  First there was the  Orwellian named “Internet Radio Fairness Act.”  They followed that up with multiple suits against songwriters’ organizations and now they are playing fast and loose with the Copyright Royalty Board apparently cutting direct deals to simply… 426 more words

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With Skipping Pandora Seems to Let You Play any Artist On Demand, Why is It Before the CRB as a Non-Interactive Service?

Yesterday I built Pandora “stations” based on each of the following artists:

Prince, Don Henley, Eagles, Joe Walsh, Pharrell, John Lennon, Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac.   312 more words

Artist Rights

Is Pandora Really a Non-Interactive Service? Does It Really Qualify for Compulsory Licenses and Lower Rates?

What Is interactive radio?  And why isn’t Pandora considered interactive radio?

Although Pandora has always regarded themselves as a “non-interactive” Internet radio service  from what I can tell this assumption has never really been properly tested. 1,735 more words

Artist Rights

Twilight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Hubris: Google Will Face at Least Two Antitrust Investigations in Europe

Good things come to those who wait
So just relax and wait for fate…

from Love You Madly by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn

______________________________________________________… 705 more words

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How To Translate an Article on Spotify Finances into Non Magic Unicorn Math

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Spotify is close to finishing a new round of funding that values the money losing streaming service at approximately $8.4 Billion dollars. 693 more words

Artist Rights

#irespectmusic The New Improved Performance Rights Act: Because You Believed

Congressman Jerry Nadler and Marsha Blackburn, John Conyers and Ted Deutch will introduce legislation on Monday that responds to all of you who supported artist pay for radio play.   819 more words

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