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Original Sin and Obama’s Missed Opportunity: What’s Next for the ASCAP and BMI Consent Decrees? — Music Tech Solutions

By Chris Castle

For the moment, songwriters are in a holding pattern but with the wind at their backs. I’m still looking forward to an explanation of why Google, Pandora, Clear Channel and a host of other giant multinational corporations with hundreds if not thousands of lobbyists need the awesome power of the U.S.

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Artist Rights

Songwriters Lawsuit Give Scientists Clues to Location of Home Planet of Public Knowledge Staff, GiGi Sohn and Jeff John Roberts

Public Knowledge founder Gigi Sohn exhibits a large phone that may be capable of communicating with half-human half cephalopod neo-marxist extraterrestrials.

We have written much about Public Knowledge and the hypothesis that the Google/ 467 more words

Artist Rights

Songwriters Sue DOJ, Loretta Lynch and Renata Hesse

It’s about fucking time.  Read Ben Sisario’s story at NY Times.

The lawsuit by Songwriters of North America contends that the Justice Department’s ruling on 100 percent licensing violates the property rights of songwriters, since it would mean that private contracts among songwriting collaborators — a common arrangement — might not comply with the new rule. 109 more words

Artist Rights

A Guide to the Department of Justice Ruling on “100% Licensing” — MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY

By Steve Winogradsky and Chris Castle, all rights reserved.

The recent ruling by the U.S. Department of Justice in the ASCAP and BMI consent decrees sent everyone scratching their heads as to what do we do now? 

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Artist Rights

The MTP Podcast: David Lowery and Chris Castle Discuss Google’s Latest Assault on U.S. Copyright Office and the FCC’s End Run Around Private Contracts — MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY

David Lowery and Chris Castle discuss a very Googley week in artist rights as Google attacks the Copyright Office and Tom Wheeler, the Chairman of the FCC and employer of Public Knowledge co-founder Gigi Sohn (or is it the other way around?) brings a Google-style Trojan Horse attack on film and television producers plus above & below the line folks around the world.

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Artist Rights

We Can Not Definitively Rule Out FCC Chairman Wheeler is Taking Direction from Marxist Half Cephalopod Aliens on Copyright

(Don’t understand what this is all about?  Start here. Then here. Then here)

Look I have plenty of half cephalopod friends with extremely radical views. 730 more words

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