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Tiny Art Gallery - The Second Room

Let’s continue that visit to the tiny art gallery. You have seen the first room already. Here are four more selections.

Artist trading cards, acrylics, late 2016 – early 2017. 32 more words


Fading into Cacophony

This poor fellow looks like he needs to get away from it all, but he can’t seem to do it.

Artist trading card, stenciled figure on top of scrap paper, December, 2016.


Tiny Art Gallery - The First Room

If you were a very small person, perhaps dollhouse size, you might go to an art gallery, see one of these ATC-sized paintings, and say, “I must have it for my living room.” 82 more words


Positive and Negative

Two of the same, only not the same.

The fellow in the top card was cut from a brown paper grocery bag. I then placed him on top of the background in the second card and swished some blue paint over him. 78 more words


Cats Don't Listen

Well, they don’t. Unless they want to.

Artist trading card, January 2017. I drew the person on another piece of paper with brush and India Ink, adhered it to the card, and then the cat appeared.


Pointy Things

These are artist trading cards and all three have a pointed thing in the image. Two of them are trees, and the third, well, could be anything. 37 more words


People With Thinly Outlined Senses of Self

Two people, just little sketches. The top person is trying to evade interaction, but the guy at the bottom, well, he just can’t stop talking, can he? 32 more words