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Never Enough Time

One problem with my anxiety is never feeling like I have enough time. It seems like the world keeps ticking by too quickly no matter what I do. 39 more words


Sitting Room Bookshelves

A quick colour sketch of the bookshelves in the corner of our sitting room.


Can't Hold My Hand, a poem by Drem

I’m moving forward from my past. I don’t miss my past at all. And that’s all that matters… I have faith in myself.

The following is a poem I hold dear and I was criticized by my poetry advisor that this poem is too simple. 626 more words


Launch of 4th season of Art Walk at Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon

Launch of 4th season of Art Walk at Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon

-A platform for artists to showcase their work creativity-

Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon and Artree has launched Art Walk – an exclusive platform for emerging artists to showcase their creativity via paintings and caricature on… 541 more words

The story of 'Frank' By Artist Roy Meats .........


The start of something BIG?   By Roy Meats

Chapter One

……Frank is a scarecrow from Gloucester.  He was well looked after for years and was a happy scarecrow.    656 more words

Gagged Marriage, a poem by Drem

Flowers and shackles. I’m a woman. My eggs are going to die. I’m on a clock. I need to get married. I’m a woman. I’ve had intimate relations. 460 more words


life, art

He paints with slow, deep,
dark strokes reflecting
his disposition.

Hovering over his
work of priceless art.
Brushing in its life.

His work has rhythm. 117 more words