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A colorful man in black & white.

I could speak through colors, I’d pop open like the petals of a Sunflower, standing tall and distinct with a peculiar smell, looking at you forever, my dear Sun. 43 more words

Coffee Floral painting

A little coffee floral to share with you today.

Hope your day is wonderful, friends! 💚 ☕️

I used my large round (#14) and small liner brush(#2) for this coffee under painting. 114 more words


The Moon and the Sun


Love for

You spans the

Whole universe

It is a pleasure

Though it is so perverse

I rule the silver night

You the golden day so bright… 29 more words


Green Man in The City

Further exploration into bringing ancient forms and symbols into a modern setting – the Green Man, ancient symbol of fertility, fabricated out of an old coke can and ‘metalised’ cardboard. 20 more words

My Travel Sketchbook: Naples

Many berate Naples for being a filthy city; strewn with graffiti, laden down by crime, full of waifs and strays wandering the menacing dark streets until visitors are so scared they depart swiftly on a ferry for Capri…Are such concerns an illusion? 321 more words


Have I really not updated in almost over A YEAR?!

First off, an apology

I am so sorry! You know, I honestly forget I have a website until I look at my business card and go, “Oh crap, I need to update my website.” So, honestly, it has just been pure laziness on my part, but here I am, back and ready to update the world on what’s going on in my life! 267 more words