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Magical Mishaps

Art is 50% effort, 35% skill, and 15% hoping that you remember to use both of those and no one accidently bumping the table.

This is why I’m glad I did my thumbnails when I decided to do a watercolour painting after so long. 89 more words


From the murkiest waters spring the most beautiful flowers. 🌱🌷 #lessonsfromthetrail #natureisthebestteacher http://ift.tt/2nvYp6A

Miscellaneous Musings



Because he is back in Lisbon we introduce you (again) to GoddoG aka Damien Mauro. This french artist from Avignon started with graffiti and is now focusing on colorful geometrical and organics shapes, inspiring himself from his travels and experiences. 11 more words

Wall Of Fame

Rogan Brown

Oh my gosh. I just found this incredible artist on Pinterest. Ah! Wow! Look at these ephemeral paper sculptures, they look absolutely otherworldly. Love the delicateness, and the uniqueness. 23 more words



Today, I started anew. Not just with a new day, but a new attitude aka a better me. I cleared my mind of negative thoughts and proceeded to do things that are good for me like reading and a quick sessions with barbells. 68 more words


Elisa Bihan, eccentric artist and emerging artistic director

Elisa is passionate about everything, it has always been her stronger personality trait:Not only for school but also in her personal life. She is very… 529 more words