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Featured Card of the Day - 4 of Pentacles - Crow Tarot by M.J. Cullinane

Artist: M.J. Cullinane

Website: http://www.enchanteddecks.com

Card Meaning

The Crow of the 4 of Pentacles has accumulated wealth and is financially secure. She has created a comfortable life, however, the fear of losing it all keeps her from enjoying her riches. 73 more words


Tuesdays With Morrie (6)

    The Audiovisual, Part Three

    The “Nightline” crew came back for its third and final visit. The whole tenor of the thing was different now. Less like an interview, more like a sad farewell. 6,167 more words


    Tuesdays With Morrie (5)

      The Professor, Part Two

      The Morrie I knew, the Morrie so many others knew, would not have been the man he was without the years he spent working at a mental hospital just outside Washington, D.C., a place with the deceptively peaceful name of Chestnut Lodge. 8,142 more words


      Ritika RP on Indian Classical Music

      In new Era, we listen various type of music like jazz, pop, Rock, Electronic dance music, etc. But the root of all these music types is based on Indian classical music. 342 more words


      Pix by Satellite

      What if we see our familiar 3D world in a perspective we’re not used to? A straight down satellite or drone shot flattens the world as we know it and turns it into 2D. 24 more words


      Memorial Day by Mike Pantano

      Mike Pantano wrote his first poems on a Smith-Corona typewriter. When first out of college, he worked at a small printing company as a proofreader, but in fact used his employment there to transfer his poems onto typeset galleys so he could see what a poem would look like in published form. 56 more words


      Ideal Home Show 2019




      What a great year we’ve had at the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow this weekend.

      The whole event was buzzing and there were new friends that we’ve made! 90 more words