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August 19, 2019(3)

Sometimes I want a woman that is like a Queen. I do not mean “Queen” as in drag-.


Cindy Xiang

Being a Chinese painting and stone painting artist, Cindy Xiang was born and grew up China. In 2000 she immigrated to Toronto then, four years later, moved to Whitby and has been lived there ever since. 150 more words

Visual Art

What Success REALLY means...

Success is not a easy mission. It is not a Destiny. It cannot be with you forever. Even they are with you for few days. They means a lot. 180 more words


Art from SVCC 2019: Darth and Holly!

(From Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019) Here is art from Chunlin Zhao, a sweet young lady from China whom I asked to draw Darth Vader discovering that his light saber does not work on Super Holly Hansson. 169 more words

August 19, 2019(2)

But then I think, if it had really been true love, wouldn’t your face be burned indelibly on my mind? Would it really fade away if you had bern “The One”? 14 more words



A word that means and includes every one from all different races and walks of life. The song that comes to mind when I think of this is “Everyday People” by Sky and the Family Stone. 361 more words

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