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Who you were while you were with me is who I miss the most. This other person you’ve become, the one that ended you and me, I am not a fan of.

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All your love notes I lit up in a blaze, watching every letter of your lies float away as ash from the flame. Burning hotter than the passion you claimed.

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we are the wondrous

Shed the heavy wool cloak of convention

Slip on the breezy gauze of dreams

We can soar between pine-scented mountain peaks

Dig our toes in the fertile soil of their green valleys… 108 more words

I went to the library again yesterday and learned the purl stitch in knitting. I’ve really become quite good at this – if I do say so myself – and I enjoy it. 239 more words


Seafoam meets rock

The ocean is great on a grand scale, but sometimes the details can be very interesting. I’d seen a few images where the photographer had zoomed in on the edge of the incoming wave like this and wanted to try it out myself. 120 more words


Rabbit ribs and kidneys