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“It was as her name had been previously placed inside my heart and when she spoke it and I heard her voice and name at the same time, it was like the world shook and the heavens started to part.

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“She’s the hurting, she’s the smiling, she’s the inspiration that gets inside of me. Filling a well of feelings that flood my entire being that soon erupt into an emotional outpouring.

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Rise & Fall

I have neglected this blog for awhile now, but now that I’m back in a creative swing, I think I’m going to be more active. I also have a lot more inspiration coming in and I’ve subscribed to some monthly subscription boxes that I think will help. 114 more words


“I think holding her would be like having the stars in the palms of my hands. It would be beyond this world, almost heavenly. Better than home, a place where I want to be.

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“I learned that even though you’re in pieces that you can find a glimmer or glimpse of peace in each and every shard and fractured bit that you’re in.

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Persona = the aspect of a person's character that is presented to or perceived by others 🌹

There is an underlying depth to the girl that likes to dance underneath twinkling lights. She looks so elegant but her insides begin to rot when the day starts to bleed into the night. 53 more words

“I believe what is wrong with this world, it’s people, is that not too many say what they truly feel, they hold back, they keep it inside.

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