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Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

I read Big Magic as if it is some dessert I have to carefully bite into in between sips of coffee. I don’t finish it all at once in the hopes of getting a chunk of it again for later. 120 more words


What's Missing?

There comes a time in everyone’s process where they reach a stand still. In my experience this comes after a world wind of good things. But in those low moments, you know those moments of doubt and deep contemplation, how do you dig yourself out of this frenzy? 418 more words


Are Modern Artists More Like Modern Politicians?

No, this won’t be another post telling you why you should turn to your favorite celebrities for advice on politicking.

When we think of the modern artist we think of them in multitude: They are sharp, savvy, and successful in all areas of fame, from social media to performance. 687 more words


Way out of the box: Postmodernism explained

Postmodernism is a movement that began in the latter half of the 20th century. It embraced a reflexive and multiplicative approach to existing artworks through referencing in other genres. 232 more words

Art And Architecture

Call for Submissions: 'Art(ifice),' North Street Review, Spring 2017

Call for Submissions: ‘Art(ifice),’ North Street Review, University of St. Andrews
Deadline: December 1, 2016

Artifice, n. (Oxford English Dictionary ):

1. Human skill or workmanship as opposed to nature or a natural phenomenon. 192 more words

The Dapper Rabbit Series

As most of you are probably aware of the concept series I have been working on for most of the year featuring my Dapper Rabbit………I was calling him Edward Hyde, but Dapper Rabbit seems to have stuck :-), anyway this series is almost run it’s course, but I thought I would show a few more images I have done. 308 more words


External Inspiration

I’ve been feeling short of inspiration lately, so I figured I’d share an artist who is a constant source of inspiration in hopes she’ll be the same for you. 301 more words