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Holga Filter!

A touch of BnW (black and white), a little bit of holga and/or vignette, my canvases, my brushes, my paints, and even some latex gloves to avoid a major mess on my hands, literally! 169 more words

Mature Technology

When any given technology reaches maturity, one might think that it’s time perhaps to stop innovating. A familiar, reliable example is the codex, also known as the… 910 more words


When A Friend Has A Viral Internet Moment

Yesterday was a big day for Rick Wolff. I mean really.

This is my friend Rick. He’s an awesome artist and graphic designer. Yesterday he tweeted a drawing of his interpretation of a font he called Hillary Bold, based on the logo Hillary Clinton is using for her 2016 presidential bid. 173 more words


Percy Sledge, R.I.P.

He was a singer who  poured himself  into every song that came out of his mouth.   His heart and soul drenched the words.   I’m playing a little retrospective tonight,  beginning with When A Man Loves A Woman,  because it was his first and best song.   22 more words

The Application of Thought

In a way, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.   I wouldn’t have decided I was going to suddenly throw a certain amount of my energy into delving into abstractions as to how thoughts are formed and identified within the mind, had I not become frustrated that I never quite know what to do with the many thoughts that run through my head throughout the day.  461 more words


Innovative Creation...

Innovative Creation… http://ift.tt/1asgslG +barryw322 +500px April 14, 2015 at 12:57AM: #Street #Trending #Popular #Picture