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Exhibition: Ahead of the Curve

Birds twitter and fragrance of flowers, 2010, Wan Liya

Ahead Of The Curve was an exhibition in Bristol last year. It showcased the work of contemporary studio ceramicists from China. 99 more words

15 of the best album covers 2015

This is my top ten selection of some among the best and most creative album covers of the year. This are artworks I would actually hang on my wall. 265 more words



” … In the modern world Human Being experiencing itself not as an active manager of its own forces and intentions, but as a sterile object, dependent on other outside items … ” –                                                                                                                               -E.Fromm


C{i}tize{n} ex[pert][is]e*

Pert is in:

we live in a world of SMS, tweet – and even

Facebook declines to algorithm complexity into

my daily feed of stuff. 140 more words