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A Muddy Affair

Let me be honest and confess to you that I have never eaten good chocolate souffle, unfortunately. Hence, upon looking at Artopolis’ extravagant array of desserts, after much confusion, I decided to go for their delectable looking chocolate souffle. 309 more words


Tart Treat

Artopolis is a Greek bakery located a fifteen-minute walk away from my temporary residence. After snacking on some calamari from WAVEThai (told you I’d be back), I decided to loiter around the area and wait for a restaurant to call out to me cause my excursion just felt incomplete. 269 more words


Hey there, Polar Vortex! You don't scare us.

I recently got distracted with The Phobia List.  It’s amazing what kinds of things people are legitimately afraid of.

Say, for example, consecotaleophobia–the fear of chopsticks. 623 more words

Mom Moments

More Giveaways at the Grazing Experience

We got even more giveaways for the Flushing Mall Grazing Experience!
To win, you gotta be a participant! We’re doing Fortune Cookie Drawl, Blend It-Eat It, Broomstick au-go-go, and a Singles event ( 105 more words


Moschofilero: the no headache wine

On Thursday night, when Tracie P and I opened bottle of Moschofilero at the end of a tiring work day, I was reminded of what the owner and wine buyer of a great Greek cafè in Chicago told me, asking rhetorically (as Greeks are often inclined to do): “Do you know why I like Boutari Moschofilero so much? 307 more words


Day 72: Artopolis @annabaik @shirleylim31

I think all I had today before I went to eat was two bowls of cereal at lunch… hahaha, so food was really really good tonight :) Thank you Anna & Shirley for taking time out of your busy schedules to come play/eat with me! 106 more words


Artopolis is a unique artist colony in Second Life. Fifteen studios are scattered through the lush jungle and beaches of this tropical island. The aim of Artopolis is to provide a hub for all forms of the arts, whether it be music, poetry, theatre or the visual arts. 241 more words