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Welcome to your Photography section where we invite you all to share your shots – casual or composed – that you feel express something interesting or stimulating.  105 more words



I’ve always been obsessed with watercolor; it has such a soft look, and always makes me feel happy.  The other day I decided to paint a quick scene of trees in water with the roots coming through.  34 more words


I wanted to paint something that looked soft, but could be interpreted in anyway.  On the top of the cliff, there could be buildings, rocks, or whatever you want to see. 20 more words

Portrait of Boyfriend

I had wanted to do something special for my boyfriend of three years for his birthday, which happens to be right after Christmas.  Unfortunately, I have a problem with being a little too generous on certain holidays, and so I would break the bank when shopping for him.  65 more words

Face in Cross Hatching

Almost every piece I do has a different inner meaning to go along with it, so none of my art is created for no reason.  The meaning of this one digs extremely deep and interprets what I face almost every day.  59 more words


“Art is a passion and a therapy. I am at peace when I draw little details expanding out into these artful webs or mandalas. As a very impatient person, I surprise myself with the amount of time I can spend drawing lines and shapes. 38 more words