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Art Materials Love 2 - Micron Pen, Koh-I-Noor Watercolours

Here’s a A5 sized hand lettering piece I did last year for a little friend’s birthday. It’s done on 300gms/90lb rough water paper using Sakura Mircron Pen and Koh-I-Noor Brilliant Watercolour – you can see how inky and deep the colours are! 45 more words


Inky Time Lapse

Loraine Callow 1

JavaScript required to play Loraine Callow 1.

Loraine Callow 2

JavaScript required to play Loraine Callow 2.

I have a high need for novelty, I admit that. 401 more words

Close Observations

{art + play} Lolita Series: Shiro Lolita

Ink + Watercolor on paper, 2014.

Finally, I’ve finished this series! I’ve been visualizing the whole series for quite sometime but I’ve always been having moments where I just procrastinate rather than actually get things done. 223 more words


{art + play} Lolita Series: Kodona


Ink + watercolor, 2014.

Not a lot of people have heard of kodona lolitas, but they are actually the male version of the decadently dressed lolitas. 149 more words


A Cool Start to a Sunny Day

Sometimes it has to rain. After a deluge in the night this morning started cool and cloudy – an excuse to stay off the beach and play with paint… what a wonderful morning it turned out to be. 109 more words

Close Observations

Beach Charcoal - A Lucky Find

Sometimes the beach gives you the subject and the tools! Today I was lucky enough to come across a couple of pieces of charcoal on our driftwood strewn section of beach at Mogareeka Inlet – some of it soft and deeply black, other bits more brown and scratchy. 32 more words

Close Observations

Seaweed - I See You

I’m more than a little obessed with seaweed at the moment. We’re at the beach for an annual camping trip. Most years I bring art materials and this year I’ve discoverd how easy it is to have my watercolours on the beach. 52 more words

Close Observations