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How One Ex-Marine Used Ballet To Spread Veterans' Stories Around The World

The performing arts can play critical roles in the healing process. The Combat Veteran Players in the UK are one active group. Here in the United States an extraordinary American Marine is using ballet to share the stories of veterans across many borders. 159 more words

Living Through Creativity: Veterans' Resource Guide on the Arts and Healing.

As I have been doing the research for the book, it has become clearer to me every day that curated information on the arts and healing is needed, especially for those suffering from traumatic experiences. 237 more words

Clowns Without Borders Brings Its Act To Conflict Zones To Let Kids Just Be Kids

I am back in Massachusetts and will posting regularly on this curated information blog on the arts and wellness.

One of the major themes of my book is the role of the arts in traumatic situations. 83 more words

News and Coming Developments: Resource Guide on Arts and Healing for Veterans

I have not been posting regularly for the last few weeks because I am moving back to Massachusetts from Florida and have been busy packing and sending boxes north. 146 more words

Portraits of war veterans show true cost of war - CBS News

The National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago is a wonderful place, not as well known as it needs to be. I am featuring it in my book in progress “Shaping Our Lives, Transforming Our Communities: Creativity and the Arts in a Changing World.” 79 more words

Outsider art can refashion how we think about mental illness

This is a very thoughtful analysis of how outsider art can help us to rethink our attitudes about mental illness. I came across this essay today and wanted to share it with my readers. 89 more words

Healing Soldiers | National Geographic

I have not posted much recently because I am preparing to move back to Boston. However, this article from the February National Geographic is too important to ignore. 59 more words