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Massachusetts, Washington State lead U.S. trauma-sensitive school movement « ACEs Too High

As I am collecting stories for my book “Shaping Lives,Transforming Communities: Creative Expression and the Dance of Life,” I am exploring how the arts and creativity are being used to help young people recovering from traumatic experiences. 124 more words

Here's What Happens When You Give Florists Thousands Of Flowers And 48 Hours In An Abandoned House

In working on my book in progress “Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities: Creative Expression in the Dance of Life,” I am collecting stories about how communities transform themselves after traumatic events. 156 more words

Making Art Boosts Seniors’ Psychological Resilience - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

Those of you who follow this blog know that creative aging is a major theme in my book in progress “Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities: Creative Expression in the Dance of Life.” There is growing understanding of the importance of the arts in vital longevity. 133 more words

Art therapies have become a mainstream partner to medicalised healing | Ruth Wishart | Comment is free | The Guardian

I love the Guardian and read it often. In this case, the answer is yes and no. The arts are mainstream partners only in elite medicine: in great children’s hospitals, in centers of academic medicine like London, Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles…etc. 147 more words

Ars Bellum | Beyond the Battlefield

Minnesota often leads in new developments that show the way forward in different areas of living. “Ars Bellum,” the organization featured in this post is providing much needed services to veterans returning from the traumatic experiences of war. 124 more words

Exhibit showcases messages of hope, inspiration and survival in cancer patients artwork - WauwatosaNow

Many hospitals are beginning to incorporate arts therapy into their treatment protocols. This post tells the story of the new exhibit at a Wisconsin cancer center. 97 more words

Syria's Piano Man Sings The Stories Of The War

In times of trauma and war, the creative arts may be the only hope people have. I have posted several time about the uses of the arts in war-torn Syria. 102 more words